Electric Skateboard Builders Forum backup data

I decided to create a separate topic for this. Last Sunday I spent some time to back up all forum data for preservation purposes and store it on Github.

Today I created a simple human-readable version.

The simple backup in JSON format with basic data:

and the human-readable version for the latest version:

I will try to run the dump once a week at least to keep data up to date.

Dump data is until: 2020-02-16 03:47


Thanks for doing this. Many have tried!


No worries, I will try to find a way to save images too somehow. First trying to calculate the size of all images to see whats options…


Thanks for doing this…!!! I understand the effort involved!!! I’t much appreciated… you/we/they need to figure a way to save, and preferably link the images… faaaaaaaaaaaaaak… I was just trying to copy ONE thread, and the images linked are not the same file name in the text link…


or maybe I was just high!!!


I think i got a list of all images with sizes and its around 30GB I think later on I will try to put everything in github as I think Github repo size limit is 100GB total…


thanks for this! I want to spend some time on this try and extract @b264 Q&A sets into something usable for an Alexa skill :wink:


I did a run a while back and it is way over the 30gb.

Did u included all img sizes or just single? Because if u include 1x, 1.5x and 3x it’s should be like 3x of size :slight_smile:

P.S. I only included the ones uploaded into the forum not linked ones.

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There are total 78,854 upload://****.** tags in posts with avg img size 0.5MB it’s should be around 38.5GB

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Interesting, but whats the purpose of this again? :thinking:

No idea when old forum is going down as Enertion is sinking ship :slight_smile: If they don’t pay anymore all data will disappear from internet :slight_smile:

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That is indeed possible that the program included all those 3. It was just some freeware I was testing out.

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I tried this with httrack but it crashed. Great that you did it!

Awesome work @Kug3lis

Curious if your question has answered itself recently? Cheers!