Electric Flywheels on BKB pushfit pulleys

These aren’t compatible hm? Only the new abec flywheels work? Or is there something I’m missing about the pulleys?

Those are electric flywheels. I have them as well. The core has a different offset vs the “newer” ones.

@Janux-esk8 recently came out w pulleys for it.


The electric flywheel has a wider wheel iirc

Hmmm wheel see. I can use my 90mm for now… Might need risers. But eventually I’ll want other pulleys. @Janux-esk8 want some more of my business?

Details on eABEC pulleys can be found on my website, https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-pressfit-ic-wheel-pulley-set-for-eabec-flywheel