Ecomobl M24Pro Owners Discussion Thread

Any tips or points to make make em here

-the Fat Tires (290mm x 96mm wide) actually increase handling and stability, and turning . And only slightly decrease range.

  • loosening the big springs creates a floating sensation

  • there are 5 to 6 speeds within the first two main speed settings (lo , mid )

  • dogs hate it

Looking to upgrade my m24 awd battery . id like more range and power

These are actually very very easy to upgrade compared to other production boards.

As the pack doesn’t need to be flexible or weirdly shaped it shouldn’t be too hard to built a replacement pack for it.

Could put a box on it but id be hella worried about the weight at that point… honestly, get rid of it and put the funds towards an Apex build or some such.

Also, you wont be gaining much power without switching out the controllers, at that point, you may as well do the Apex or other MTB build

  • front or rear wheel drive on their own absolutely suck . So only AWD is always a must,

i have one i need to sell,i dont ride it. im 230 in gear in my opinion im the heaviest rider that can ride with the springs provided. The floating feelong and torque effect are odd. it will climb anything though