EBOOSTED - An unorthodox review

I just want to be clear from the very beginning that this is not a critique of the company. In fact, I am in full support of what eBoosted is doing and I would highly recommend their services. I give the Company 5/5 stars, so please just read till the end.

So to start from the very beginning; I ordered a deck and enclosure from Pavel at VOLOKNO ESK8. As most of you probably know, there is a war right now in russia/ukraine. Because of this, my order was cancelled and I got my money back. This made me decide to go with the LY EVO and the DS enclosure from eBoosted.

I communicated with Alan and he answered my questions very well. I ordered the enclosure, and all seemed to be well. It got to the US in record time, which was pleasing. Then the issues started. Once the enclosure got to the Distribution center in Cincinnati, I got a notification that the package was on hold. I went online and it said that it should be in transit in a day or two. No biggie.Then a day passed. Then two. Then five. I contacted DHL, and they said that they do not know where the package was. They opened an investigation and the package was found and back on its way in 36 hours. I ended up getting the package after another 2 days.

When I finally opened the package, I had been sent the wrong one. I was sent the SS instead of the DS. I immediately texted Alan and he responded within about 15 minutes. He soon got a bunch of pictures from me and we concluded that my enclosure was mixed up with one sent to Florida. He said that he would message the person from Florida and he would pay for us to ship our packages to each other. He said that he would wait 48 hours or so for the guy to respond, and then he’d just start me on a new enclosure. Lo and behold, the guy says that he likes the DS more, and that he would just keep it. By the next morning Alan was in contact and said that he has already started on my new enclosure, and mine would be put ahead of everybody else’s.

My enclosure was done in about 5 days (which is wicked fast), and it was on the way. I shipped the old enclosure to the warehouse in Texas, and Alan payed me back for the postage. I received the enclosure and god damn she is beautiful. I am still in the process of putting my board together, but this enclosure is the highest quality and best made enclosure I have ever seen. I was more than happy with my purchase and 5 weeks of waiting.

The entire point of this review was just to point out the fact that every company makes mistakes. There is always going to be an occasional fuck-up, but what differentiates the good from the bad are when they go above and beyond to fix their mess. I would 100% recommend any eBoosted product to a friend on any of their esk8 projects. 5/5 would recommend.


Well said! :clap::clap::clap:

Every dealing I’ve had with Alan has been excellent as well.


making mistake is fine, its the way how vendor treat customer determine their service quality.


Very nice. Thank you for sharing your experience. The guy who kept the DS enclosure sounds like a bit of a rube.


It’s refreshing to hear a positive take on a mildly negative experience. The people taking time to leave reviews often only take the time when they’re angry ones.

Throw a vote in the trusted vendors thread OP and keep on keepin on.


I found that a little questionable as well.

Its a bit odd, but I say as long as he paid the difference, no harm done, really. Could’ve already mounted it or something as well.

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Breaking news : Florida man arrested for being a poopy head and keeping Avery’s enclosure.