Eboard to E-Minibike conversion

Hey yall. Story time. Last fall, I took a bad spill on my fave board at about 35mph. Ended up in the hospital with a concussion, torn rotator cuff, and dislocated shoulder. I’ve been going to PT since then and its expected that ill get full movement back in that arm by the time im 25 (15 currently). Mind you i was in full gear including a helmet and body armor. I havent ridden my board since then. PTSD sux :frowning: . I’m thinking I may end up putting the electronics on a mini bike frame like the one pictured seeing as i now have parts for 5 full boards sitting on shelves in my basement. Mostly just wondering if anyone here has done anything of the sort and has some tips to share. Or does anyone see any obvious issues with the idea?


Crashing sux man. But maybe sell some stuff and invest in pre-built e-bike first to understand how it works?

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Sell your parts (except the ones you might need for the e-bike). Find a good frame to build on. Strengthen any weakness in the frame and you got a good start. (most bikes arent meant for high torque onto the frame)
Usually the hubmotors are popular for ebikes as beltdriven more leans towards a motorcycle then a normal bike. (also alot less hassle if you want to paddle instead. )

Its abit hard to find a two way throttle for the handlebar. (for speed and break similar to a esk8 remote). So most use a throttle and a second input for the elctronic brake.

Good luck!

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I honestly just want a really simple belt or chain driven bike. Not worried about pedals. Also may build the frame myself to better fit my needs. I just want a little bike I can wheelie on :). The throttle and braking idea you’re suggesting is an interesting one tho. Thanks.

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I don’t want an ebike. I just want a ratty little thing I can throw in the trunk of my car for secondary transport or just for fun lol. I have built an ebike before tho. Shipped one of the hubs I had to @longhairedboy.

Maybe a electric drift trike?


could be a good idea

You would need a yuuuuuge wheel pulley. I’ve seen guys use little outrunners like the ones we use in esk8 powering bikes and they use pulleys that are nearly the size of the rim. And a belt to match.

I thought about fixing a plastic pinion rack to the inside of a rim for a gear drive outrunner bike. Then I went and bought an ebike kit for $150. Done.

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Yea I’ve got tools to make all the pulleys and stuff. It’ll be fun to figure out :slight_smile:

Good to see you back Greco

Can’t wait to see you bring this to reality. Should be a bit safer than a board lol. Interested in what you come up with drive train wise.

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I’ve been sketching some way to electrify my bike for a long time

This is using mostly ESK8 parts and some laser cut pieces


… and now its in my attic. lol

I may get into 3sk8s soon. Especially if that silly ordinance about PEVs of 3 wheels or less passes locally.

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GRECOMAN!!! What’s good dude?!
Glad you’re recovering. Drift trike. Looks like so much awesome. Do that.

We will see what comes out of the project. Designing something with 2 @BuildKitBoards 6374s as well as 2 vescs prepared by LHB with monster heatsinks on them. Should be good for 8hp or so