E100 Scooter Upgrades

Well, my in laws were tossing out a Razer e100 electric scooter, I figured this would be a fun little project that ends up in my daughters hands at some point.

To start, this is what I’m thinking:

  • Swapping the brushed 100W motor for a 6374
  • controller for a minifoc or cheaper.
  • Remove the aweful Razer paint job, thinking all black, and pink down the line for my daughter
  • Actually grip the top
  • Lead acid batteries for a couple 6S lipo’s
  • Rear urethane and front pneumatic for two 90mm flywheels, rounded out for leaning
  • Add a second trigger for Regen
  • Charge only BMS and use integrated XLR charge port.

I’ll probably gear it for more torque, since this thing is small as hell and I don’t think it really needs to go 40+mph if my daughter will ride it at some point.

Thoughts? Anyone else retrofitted one of these shit everyday kids scooters with actually good hardware?


A perfect grip option for a scooter is the harborfreaight rubber diamond plate pattern sheets. 1 sqft is $5. The adhesive isn’t great, but contact cement or anything else will fix that up quick. The original sticky back is easy to remove by hand.

Make sure you post pictures when its done! I have been considering building a scooter for someone and need some inspiration!

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Make sure you finish this. I’m thinking of doing this for my daughter too

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I’m planning on it for sure. So far I have everything I need, minus the ESC and second throttle to get started. I may just run a simple 10S1P battery to try it out before going in on some good lipos, and maybe an 80100 outrunner if it will fit. The motor that’s in there is 80mm in diameter so it may work.

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This I need to see!


Interested as well, I have one sitting in my garage I found in the trash. Thing still turned on and ran… Just was missing the metal foot brake bar lolol.


While we’re on the topic. What generic one would people recommend for my son? I wanted to get one for his 5th birthday soon so that we can explore together a bit longer. He pushes like a beast atm but there only so much power in that little frame

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Honestly all the ones the big companies arw using are pretty good lil things… like the xiomi365… id grab one of those

Your doubling the load by using a single motor plus a scooter weighs more and using an inexpensive VESC… I’d go 10s just to be safe.