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E-Skate Offroad Race/Meeting Switzerland

Esk8 Cup Switzerland

Not my Event!! For people who aren’t on FB and wanna meet and have fun or race.

Located in Switzerland: 5612- Villmergen AG
Hilfikerstrasse 5 (Dirt Track)


any board for fun/ for race only without Bindings

Official from

30.- SFr. For fun
40.- SFr. For Racing

11:00-14:00 fun driving and warmup

14:30 Onewheel qualification

15:30 Esk8 offroad qualification

16:30 Onewheel Final

17:30 Esk8 offroad Final

18:00 Award ceremony



No bindings?

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No bindings for the official race.

I think because evolve and onsra are involved at this race…

They would have no chance against others with bindings