e-Dirt | Oxelo dirt scooter | custom rear arm mount | Overion 6374 130kV | Fox | 12s Graphene 8/12Ah | Overion Chain Drive 9 x 42T (6B)

Hi e-riders,

I post the old build of my custom Oxelo dirt scooter,

haaahahaha :rofl:

Ok, seriously :

I want to keep the base of a dirt scooter, with 8" wheels like our MTBoard, like that I was able to use all my esk8 stuff.

But I’m really not used to scooter, and all the “direction system”.
I just know that I want a mini supermotard :smile:

1st try :

But how to let chain pass freely …and keep a compact design …
I would like motor “in the deck” as well as all the elec. (batt/esc…)

My 2nd plan was a bit too much this time… it’s fµck!ng heavy, monstrous and …
BEAU-TI-FUL!!! :heart_eyes: (but I will use it for the upgrade of this one :smiling_imp: ).

But then, I decide to make something more compact (and at the time I had done that without thinking too much about the existing scooter attachment system. Know I’m hurry to use it !).

I cut the end

Testing prototype

Small 2 x 5s 5Ah 45C graphene in the bicycle bag for 1st test (with 170kV sensorless, vesc 4.10, iso 05B chain kit with 8 x 50T = Crazy !!!)

After some test, the bag doesn’t last really long …
and I want to pasted to 12s (8 and 12ah), so no fitting in. And I want all a bit bigger/better= chain, same torque, bldc to foc etc. so I went to focbox 130kV 12s with 9x42T iso 06B :

Better than textile, but yeah still not the perfect sweety thing

Lot more easier to work on :slight_smile:

Perfect layout :smile: focbox in a sock

:rofl: Babe mode

40/45kmh top speed !
Same as my little folk to whom I made this cheap build (6374 192kV, 10s, 15x36T,90mm)

Almost always on/off on the throttle :love_you_gesture::crazy_face:

Now I got another one to make the upgrade

The MAD ONE is coming soon (I hope !)

comparation :

to be continued !


That is sick, looks like tons of fun!

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:smiley: Thanks a lot !!! Hooooo yes it is !

So easy to stress test elec. with handlebar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It always call me for :


Sorry I finally reply here @rey8801 ^^

:grin: thanks a lot mate !

  • At firt I want to use my esk8 remote, because I got a weird felling with the ADC mod. and without any break on this killing machine. So I modify the nano Maytech and make a little case for the handlebar (you can see the white 3D printed case next to a right thumb throttle).

But finally, it’s easier with a wired system (no charge needed) and behind the handlebar, you almost only play on/off on the throttle. I find a sweet parameter spot and order a left thumb throttle that I use reverse on the right for the index finger, works lot better than using thumb!!

  • Yes, I start with external v4.12 BLDC on 170kV 8x50T iso5b chain 10s… MX machine !
    Then Focbox Foc mode on 130kV 9x42T iso6B 12s.
  • Yes, better to get a frame from an electric one. If not, Dirts scooters are already close to the ground, deck are insanely tiny. It was my 1st plan to put elec under :

But it’s not as easy.

Now it will be, working with a longboard deck :star_struck: :

I think it will be 9 or 10" - 9 x 42(or 45)T iso6B chain - ESCape FOC / or V4.12 BLDC - 12s 16Ah (4 x 6S 8Ah 15C Graphene) - 8085 170kV where I may need you my friend :sweat_smile:

I hope I have fully answered your questions, do not hesitate if you need more !

Good WE all :v:


Thanks a lot for all the info!
Ok so direct wiring for the remote. Better with finger than with thumb. Got it.
For the brakes I was think of using mechanical ones. I have seen some scooter using them. Or maybe a mix with mechanical in front and regenerative at the back. Like thumb for the throttle and lever for braking.

Another concern is about the motor. Do you think single motor is enough? I mean I want power :joy:. I like to keep it medium size and usable but has to be a silent beast. In Esk8 we all go dual at least. So I wondering whether I will get more power out of a single rear motor (6384 up to 80100 depends how well integrated I can get it) or dual hub motors front and rear?

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I build one (it’s 2/3 done) with a kickscooter frame, it only had space for 8s and used one hub motor in the wheel, surprisingly strong :slight_smile: I’ll finish it as a project at work, my gf does not want it, she doesn’t feel safe :sweat_smile:


Yes please make a build thread about it.

I would plan the same ! front disk brake and regenerative rear.
The only PB for me, on my setup, is I don’t see/know how I could set the front one on mine without weld support on the fork (what I’m not able to do alone). But I can easily set one in the custom rear harm, on the opposite side of the transmission :wink:

It was already to much for my love ^^ Its why I passed then in Foc mode and more speed than torque (when we were both ridding - me on eMTBoard, I was kidding with here at a stop line, she let the dirt go without her, surprised by the torque :rofl:)
The BLDC mode with 6374 170kV but 6.25:1 ratio was really fun ! My little YZ !
Then FOC 130kV 4.67:1 was a bit less torquey, and the power comes latter. Or I have to be around some speed to get the kick-ass effect of the full throttle.
If you want power you have to sacrifice some speed in single setup yes.
The bigger ratio with the lower kV motor (6384 min) and calculate the max speed acceptable for you, it’s how I made it. (Also I was running lipo 12Ah at 15C you run your ESC at the max batt max recommended … and even a bit more if it’s outside.)

Yeah, so belt should be the thing for you. Chain is not for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or like you say maybe 2 good hub motor will even better and quieter ! Mostly for city ride. I’m mostly AT and from what I have tested, geared are always torquier than hubs, but here comparing a dual hub vs single geared motor, I can really say. (but all that without speaking about specific hub scooter motor that I dont know.)

Personally I will advise 9" min ^^ wheel and tire are your only suspension here (just IMO for confort).

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no of course for the disk brake only in case they were already installed.
I see for the power. Top speed doesn’t have to be crazy but torque, insane level is about right. Since you have the handle bar you can really race against someone with it hahahaha
Maybe then 8080 or 80100 single motor would be better and enough?

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It’s what I hope to verify soon enough ^^

yeah, really, like I say on the 1st post, a little guy with a single esk8, we make a little ride together, going race mode was funny we get totally different setup but almost the same top speed.
Really easy to stress test elec. with the handlebar! full throttle all the time :laughing:

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yeh the video is what made me think about escooter.

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Hey @visnu777, how are your projects going? Are you till working on it?

And @rey8801 still working on an e-scooter too ?!

Last night, I start again to be unfaithful to my esk8 gears :grimacing:

I don’t really dare to show it as it is … copycat of the famous one @pixelsilva share to us from ES …
at least I have to finish it a bit more for that :upside_down_face:


The Vostok 1 electric scooter! A 10kw Russian Juggernaut!


Восток-1 acceleration. From Russia with Love!


Don’t tell me about the escooter. Waited 2 months for the delivery and then the parcel (40kg one) got “lost” at the custom in Poland. Got fedup about it and let it go for the moment :pensive:
Of course I had already set up everything to for when it should have came in.

arg … sorry mate, :crossed_fingers::grimacing: wish you to get it asap!

Yes, that is the one ! Thanks for sharing Alberto.

Definitely want to make his lil’bro !

This little one could be half the power and I will be very happy ! 5kW should already be a lot.
I think my last prototype, working so good for me was around 2kW. Just have to find the better hub.

I’m thinking about 16s around 6-8p, vesc 6, a good big hub-motor for 10/11" wheels, all AL CNC, 4 suspensions, disk brake, etc. All the rest like the reference ^^


Definitely want to make his lil’bro !


Got it running but its still missing a nice enclosure. My beloved didn’t like the feel of it, she said it feels insecure so now I’ll use it at work. Have to bring it there after the Corona shutdown :slight_smile: I actually like it, its a fun thing but not good for longer trips :smiley: The hub motor had surprisingly good torque at 8s and 15A.


Wow, thats a lightweight one !! Nice slim and slick DIY :+1:
8s, 15A with VESC ? You need a buildlog too :stuck_out_tongue: want to know more !

I play a bit more :


guess I’m gonna need to get my scooter out of the closet :stuck_out_tongue:

needs new motor, electronics, battery
originally lead acid with brushed motor

fits 13s5p easy


My first try at an esk8 before I knew you all existed :sweat_smile:

Basically a revel scooter skateboard kit.

Professional deck maker, watch your back @jamie