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E-Board AND E-Scoot

I’ve often noticed that, in the boardriding world, a sentence with the words “board” and “scooter” generally includes also a reference to sexual practices or organs…

Let’s say that it’s often difficult to have an open minded discussion about the fonctionnal interest of each ride, in different situations, for different riders (I will develop later).

However, it’s maybe different in the E-boardriding world.

Si, I dare to ask my question :

Would you be interested in an accessory that transform your E-board into a 3 wheels E-Scoot for urban/legal use, by adding a front steering wheel + handlebar + brake + legal lights ?

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It’s like asking would you like to then put on a chassis get an mot make it run on petrol use a gear system and at that point you have this

But seriously not really as it would make it look quite stupid and it would retract from the fun
We all know what we are doing is illegal but we live with it

I have nothing against scooters but if I wanted one I would make/buy one so at least as far as I am concerned the answer is no.

A 3 wheels scooter keeps part of the fun of the board as, at speed, you mainly use the aft truck steering (and it’s also much less dangerous)…but very few persons have tested it.

For the stupid look, I agree and that’s basically the purpose of my question : can it be forgotten?

To Taz : it will still be easier/cheaper to use existing E-board parts…

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Today, it’s possible to be hidden/anonymous among the scoot riders crowd…