Duality Trucks by Tito Systems [US]

@fessyfoo proto is on 270mm


Nice! Can’t wait to see the finished build!

Should be doable with the axle end of the hanger facing the center of the board to get enough clearance. I’ll mock it up later and let you know

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How did you solve the issues that the fyre trucks had with their floating kingpin design and arm mount?

Excited to see someone bringing more downhill tech to esk8, I’ve been waiting for a dual pivot truck for a while.


@klause, this!

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Not sure what issues you’re referring to. The baseplate has a steel sleeve to go along with the floating kingpin. The arm mounts use m8 bolts and nordlock washers to keep it secure.


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Took some pictures of my set as I assembled them, perhaps this will answer people’s questions

The fits on all the parts are some of the most precise I’ve ever seen, especially when talking about skateboard hardware


Interesting choice to do the kingpin like that :thinking: i assume the bolts that hold the outer pieces on hit the flat spots on the kingpin? Very cool

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There is a setscrew on the side of the baseplate that lines up with the flat spot on the kingpin.

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are you considering making some that will work with non-mountain board decks? Idk if it has been mentioned yet, sorry if I missed it.


Yeah. I’m actually machining the prototype tomorrow.


What are the pros and cons of the 270mm vs 300mm hangers? Which one should I choose?

The 270mm is for smaller boards like proto/barrel. 300mm has more clearance for bigger boards


Wider trucks ≠ more stable


I will be back for you with parts… after esk8con…… promise…


After some testing seems like this is a viable option. On the test board I did get some wheelbite at the very very edge of full tilt like on u-turns. The hanger has a 3d printed piece that sets the max lean, it could be switched out to limit lean a little more. If you de-wedge to 40 instead of 45 I don’t think you’d have any issues.
(This is with 300mm hanger and wheels spaced all the way out.)


Have you tried flipping the hangars 180 so that the wheelbase is a bit longer? May help with wheel bite

It could be run the flipped outward also which is how I usually run with 30-35 degree truck angles. There is less ground clearance with higher degree trucks ran outwards, so I ran the 45 degree (+15 degree baseplate) I was testing inwards. I would say wheelbite is not to big of an issue, it rubs but it’s at the very extreme when doing u-turns and even then it barely rubs.


it’s like the tire is nuzzling the board in friendship.


Got to stand on a board with these at the 'con. Lotta lean and a lotta turn, something I wish channel trucks would do more. they’re also sleek as heck.