Dual vesc enclosure for Urban Carver

I’ve been working on getting my 12s4p battery and 2 vescs into my eboosted enclosure for my Urban Carver. I’m thinking that it’s going to be too tight and so I should perhaps mount the dual vescs on the back of the board instead. Has anyone got a 3D file of a cool vesc enclosure that ca be mounted on the back of the board?

This is how cramped it is in the enclosure so far and I haven’t even added the charging and balance ports:

@3DServisas might be selling something?

I’ve checked his site, but I can’t find anything. I’ll reach out to him personally. I got my switch from him.

I am thinking of leaving my dual Vesc enclosure on the back. I just ordered one enclosure from Eboosted 12s8p (he build the battery too) and I was thinking of keeping a ultra massive range with the possibility of using my Lipos top mounted if needed. Also cooling Vesc separated from batteries might be better, and if I want to go off roading, just take the closure off and get some clearance… Aesthetics will be compromised, but more variants with simple changes…I will think about it until the combo arrives to my place… Forgot to mention, I build my enclosure with two DIY aluminum boxes, that are sold in Amazon, install them in tandem, waterproofing with grummets, surge and epoxy…

So you’re saying it’s better to have the vescs in a separate enclosure with proper heat dissipation?

I am working on a vesc6 heatsink to fit perfect in this small topmount enclosure


No, it is just what I think might be better (I could be wrong)…But I have not decide yet what to do…My set up will be more versatile if I leave the Vescs on the rear top, the way I have it today…

i think there are some more if you search for a bit.