Dual TB 6355 + Focbox Unity - ok to use only 1 sensor?


The Unity won’t run and I’m getting a FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_MOTOR2 error in the Unity app,
i’ve swapped the sensor wires over and it then shows the error on the MOTOR1 so assuming
the sensor is faulty (the cable and connections are undamaged and look ok)

I unplugged left and right sensors and ran sensor less into work today, as i was coming up a pretty steep hill in the Texas heat i contemplated the temperature of the motors and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to know how hot they are?

Is it ok to run with just the good sensor wire plugged in so my motor temp limits work, or will i get weird behavior when pulling away with one sensored motor and one not? (Why is sensored not a word?!)

I mailed Dexter as they’re only 2 months old so hopefully this’ll get resolved soon.

My torqueboard motor temp sensors never worked. Never had an issue running them without.

As long as you aren’t getting them too hot you’ll be fine, if you can still touch em they’re fine.


they were pretty hot to touch but not so hot that i had to let go,
it’s a cool 99 degrees here today… (better than rain :slight_smile:

Awesome, i’ll give that a go tomorrow, thanks!