Dual 6355 tops at 28mph

So before going to belt drive i ran enertion hub motors and could easily push 30mph on a 10s4p battery but these 6355 motors from torqueboard and seem to top at 28. I pull about 19amps from my battery as well so could someone tell me if my battery is/isnt pushing enough power of of it could be the settings on vesc tool? No i have no idea the cells im using they were harvested from an ebike battery and its a diy. I wish i fould get a hold of 30q cells or an enertion battery but im saving for that.

I say i have no clue because i didnt keep a proper note on the cells and i replaced the shrink wrap on all of them so i cant just take a peek

Calculate your top speed. Its not a function of your battery or your power. Its a function of what your motors kv, batt voltage and drive ratio produce.


Thank u!

19A @ 10s is about 700W, which actually is close to the amount of power required to overcome air resistance at that speed, depending on your size. Is 19A what you measure it pulling IRL, or the limit that your controller is set to?


What motors, motor pulleys, wheels, and wheel pulleys are you using?

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Dual 6355 motors from torqueboard, Honeycomb Wheels from flipsky, the pulley on the wheels is 60T and the motor pulleys are 16T

I dont have the bluetooth module to actively measure what im pulling irl tbh, only going off of vesc tool with no weight added

Something doesn’t add up. How big are the wheels?

Are you positive on pulley tooth count on both pulleys?

I have a 10s on dual racestar 5065. Geared @ 16 36 on 107mm and top out right @ 30mph.

150mm and im very positive! maybe it could be my vesc tool settings?

Possibly could be in vesctool. Did you program it yourself?

Dead on.

Change to an 18T or 20T motor pulley.


yes indeed. with a lot of tutorials and browsing topics on here

So the calculator says with your setup, a loaded max speed of 25mph and an unloaded speed of 28mph. I haven’t had the calculator be way off with inputs.

If you’re hitting 28mph loaded, call it a plus.

If you’re wanting more speed, go bigger pinion. 18t or 20t depending space available


Is your remote properly calibrated? Do you have a erpm or duty cycle limit?

duty cycle limit and its set to 95%

im a very light person lol 160lbs

that was months ago tho lmfao i havent checked lately

I’m there with you. 140 here. I tend to hit unloaded speeds while loaded too.


ur awesome