Dual 260KV motors too much?

Hey guys, I originally planned to build with dual Turnigy SK8 6364-190KV motors, a Fsesc 6.6 plus , 15/36 gearing, 97mm wheel and a 10s4p battery, but the motors were too big for my trucks, so i ordered a pair of smaller motors without checking the kv rating which are 260.

The Question now is, the build work in this setup? Erpm limits are not an issue with the fsesc (which has a limit of 150k)…
Torque was my next concern, which i would counter by going to a 15/40 or 44 gearing. Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?

with 3.51:1 ratio and 60a battery current limit per motor you could sustain 27mph on a 35% slope.

otherwise divide 260kv / 190kv = 1.36

current ratio 2.4 * 1.36 = 3.26:1 desired ratio

As Devin said above, gear 15/44 and you’ll be fine.


Would this be preferable to getting a wider hanger for the 6364-190KV i still have?

If they are calibers I would consider @Boardnamics precision wider hangar as a much better and not so costly option.

You’d still be stuck with two motors though, which will eventually end up on a board anyway right?


:smiley: that would be a little way of… one board at a time. I still have the option to not accept the 260KV motors … which might be what i will do. I just checked, I would have to get new belts and maybe even motor mounts if i change my gearing up too much …
the second board was supposed to clear the pile of extra stuff i have lying around, not adding to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to esk8, wait until you get a wheel fetish.

If you can return those high KV motors that’s what I would do, send them back, spend a portion of the money on a longer hangar or full precision truck and you’ll be in a better position all round.


Yes a wheel fetish was my introduction to the world of esk8 addiction.

This was a while ago :frowning: it’s worse now.


Did someone say wheel fetish?

That’s just 1 wheel from each set. Doesn’t even include a couple sets of Kegels, Bergs, 110s, 5 stars and more, I’m sure. :grimacing:


You need to add these


Wtf, are those Abec core hockey pucks?


God knows. China🤷‍♀️


Use bolt on pulleys and stack as many as you can on a 100mm shoulder bolts on surfrodz lol


Yeah I said that when I saw them. I bet they are solid as a rock though.


I bet they’re crazy efficient though and have Rollerblade like rolling resistance.


I would buy those for less than $40. They look quite odd.

How do you think these ride?

“75A super-high-rebound urethane for unparalleled speed” “Professional wheels”
Skateboard marketing :roll_eyes:

Those look quite odd and for $28 for 4, I doubt quality. 76mm X 45mm seem quite odd for and offroad wheel.

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Look like they came off a toy dump truck or something


It’s something you try with the expectation that it is terrible, and to challenge that assumption.