Drilling out motor pulley screws-

I went to remove my pulleys and I ended up with 3 stripped screws… speedouts haven’t worked so I’m likely going to just have to drill the screw out. If I fuck up the threads it isn’t a huge deal, one of the screws is in the middle of the pulley. The other 2 are in the black collar between the pulley and motor.

I’m close to just chopping these motor mount arms off. I’m so fucking sick of working on this thing. Sigh.

Tips?? Help?


Have you tried using a Dremel to make a slot for a flathead?

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How would you do this in a recessed grub screw on a motor pulley? (I don’t see how it’s possible)


:woman_shrugging:t3: I changed mine to be longer for a case where this would happen (planning for failure is key)
In his place I would be taking a grinder to the pulley and putting a new one

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Even so the pulley itself would need to be cut…?

Not like the grub screw can be long enough to come out of the gear teeth :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m suffering from a stripped grub on my belt setup too, so I’m keen on hearing a solution before I just JBweld a hex key in there and get it out :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’ll need pix to correctly ascertain a solution… But for motor mounts I’ve gone to 12.9 bolts vs. Hex-head cap screws…

I hate stripped screws


Agreed, I’d rather my tool broke than the grubs holding together an expensive drivetrain :joy:


Yes. But if I’m removing the grubs, it’s specifically because I’m changing the pulleys

Have you tried a bearing puller (is this the name?) on the pulley as it is without removing?

I had this issue and tried to drill out but it didn’t work so I gave up and just removed the fucker without dealing with the grub. Motor shaft was fine.


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This is exactly what I need

Use a screw extractor - simplest way.
Basically a counter-clockwise working, conical drill bit that bites into the stripped slot/opening of the damaged screw. I use it on a regular basis. Costs nothing, to be bought in every Hardware store. Use regular metal drill to deepen out stripped opening of screw if necessary.

This is what you need.


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Did those work for you? I tried something similar once on some button head screws and it was shit, ended up cutting out the sides of the bolt heads and used a vise plier to unscrew them. It was messy and left some deep scratches on the plates, been using head cap since then.

Worked several times on the philips screws that are used on my ownboars’ hub motor cap. If they don’t bite, you have to take a small drill and deepen the initial opening of the screw. If they still don’t bite, you got the wrong extractor size. Always worked them out of a power-drill. Hand usage might not work that well.

Btw: mine cost 5€ for 4 different sizes, so no reason to get broke.

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Already tried a speed out kit, same thing as grab it. It’s just these are small grub screws in a shitty spot. I need to find the right size pulley puller on Amazon with prime.

I’m even having trouble drilling through with a brand new titanium bit. I’m thinking of trying toro and jb weld. I’m already cutting the mounts off, fuck em. That will give me room to get the grabit bit at 2/3 stripped ones.

The pulley puller is what I need. Can someone attempt to help me find one via amazon prime? I’m a sucker for free 2 day

Will this work?