Dragy, Racebox or other? How do y'all time yourself?

I know we have @poastoast 's go fast eat ass thread, but I am looking to buy something like the racebox mini s and wanna hear the good, bad and ugly about it and all the other options out there!

What do y’all use?

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I’m liking the mini S so far, setting up track racing is a little confusing at first but fine once you get the hang of it.


Yeah i was watching @cherryflavouredpez setting up a track the other day and it looked a little tricky… i ain’t got time for too much fuckery :rofl:

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It took me a while to figure out (skill issue) but now it’s just 2 buttons in the app and doing one lap around the track and usually it works perfectly, you can set sectors to to figure out where you are gaining or losing time

+1 for mini S


Yeah in hindsight I did get better at it the second time- but T race tracks are probably trickier than a regular track. I got the regular RaceBox Mini, would’ve got the Mini S if it was available at the time though


The mini S especialy is good if you wanna not have your phone on you when racing, all you gotta do is star standalone tracking and when you download it it automatically matches it to a custom track based on location and direciton of travel (you gotta make the track beforehand of course but that’s not toooooo har, kinda just match how the groun looks/stand where the start/finish is and that’s all you really need)

only time you can’t really do standalone tracking isssss drag races, you kinda have to have that open.

Not to mention, you’re not limited to the racebox app, there’s a few other apps that work with any of the racebox models

The dragy works, but its app is worse than dogwater, it looks like an intern made it over a summer and they called it good and never bothered since.


Love my Racebox mini s. I use it with racechrono app mainly which was around $30 from memory i think.

Drag racing I use the Racebox app.

I rarely use the extra fearure of the S as I like to see what my times are immediately, so i keep my phone in my pocket to whip out and check. In other words, if you’re always going to have your phone with you there’s no need for the S.


although with the non-standalone tracking you ned to keep the phone on and the app open, depending on the phone you got

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