Drag Race Results 100m/200m & Top Speed

Hey guys, I’m interested in the drag race performance of your builds.

  1. Post your build/parts like this:
    Battery: xxSxxP manufacturer model total nominal power in A
    Motors: size kv manufacturer model nominal power in A/W
    ESC: single/dual manufacturer model nominal power in A continuous/burst
    BMS: Yes, if you have build in, no, if you use external charge only, manufacturer model, nominal xxS, nominal A
    Wheels: size urethane/air/airless rubber manufacturer, model, duro xxA if urethane or rubber wheels
    Transmission: belt/gear/direct/inhub, if belt/gear gear ration x:x
    Trucks, hanger size xxxmm DKP/RKP/TKP/NKP (no KP) manufacturer model bushings manufacturer model style duro xxA setup loose/medium/tight
    Deck: length xxcm width xxcm material flexy/medium/stiff top mount/drop through/drop down/ double drop, if it’s a MTB angle in xx°
    Total weight: xxkg

Please fill in as much data as you can, so we can recognize trends and faster setups easier.

  1. Rider weight (equipped): xxkg
  2. 100m /200m time and trap speed after 200m. xxs 100m xxs200m xxkm/h top speed

How to measure: look for a smooth straight without any incline or decline. Measure via GPS 200m. Mark start line, 100m and 200m finish line. start from full standing at the start line, accelerate to the finish line and stop the time in both direction than take the average of both runs.
For better comparison we should use all the same app. I use this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coolniks.niksgps&hl=de
since it’s large, easy to read and easy to handle.

I will soon post the first race results. I’m just waiting for better weather.

Have fun! :call_me_hand:


I would use the metr pro for that. :grin:
More accurate than gps.
I have a 1 km smooth street in front of my door.
Unfortunately no build done yet. :sob:


I’m making an app that will have a drag feature in the stats. Of course it will work with metr and whatever ble module people have. Should be out in the spring


Metr would be perfect indeed. Unfortunately not everyone has one.


This will be fun (once my build is ready :grin:). Let’s keep it simple and open to everyone, an app is good enough I think. One that is field proven to be consistent.

Remind me to do this when the roads aren’t awful around here! :stuck_out_tongue:

only on Thane. If you’re racing on pneumatics the numbers start to go to shit. One way to correct for this is to have a friend take some calipers and measure the distance between the center of the axle and the floor then double that and use it as your wheel diameter. But even that doesn’t correct fully under speed because the shape of the tire changes with speed.

full pressure tires don’t end up being stated diameter, which is one problem, but once you stand on them and they start deforming under load and speed its even less accurate.

Buy a speed gun and have somebody stand on the side, then get some phone video with the gun in the frame.

This is Jake, he has this thing he does sometimes where he slows down too soon to be clear in the video. Don’t do that. Keep it hammered past the gun for clear video.


Here you go



I forgot about that. The fool ist centripedal force, which pushes the tyre out in the circle. Because of this the diameter gets bigger.


yeah at the top end, and at the low end it’s smaller as the tire deforms under weight more than centripetal force.


Running at max pressure should help alleviate those issues. In addition, running at max pressure reduces mechanical losses created by the wheels, so more of your energy goes to acceleration and not wheel deformation.


As long as you still got traction yeah.

I want to try dualie Torqueboards 110mm 74A.


Few years ago we did SoCal Performance Day. 50m is a good distance for accel/ Drag testing.
100 meter your talking hard accel through 55mph. Your asking for ragdoll speeds with people pushing failure load limits on their electronics. 50m is better. The time is 5.5 seconds, check out at 2:10.


No problem, if somebody if afraid for high speeds he can do just the 100m dash.
But so far, I would like to stick with this list to have a good comparison to production boards.


Womens 100m dash record is 10.49



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What gun are you using?

Mine would be shit cause of acceleration… Could we accelerate before or does it have to be from a dead stop…

I love how the top 3 is all meepo XD

And you have premium boards on that list too. (boosted stealth, metroboardX)

I wanna see some DIY numbers on there :slight_smile:

just says Bushnell on it. I got it from amazon. Its mostly for use in baseball but it seems to work for a lot of stuff.