DougM's Teal DadBod Ripoff

So it all started with this

which was somewhat decent looking but whatever. However one of the things I have a very hard time with is when someone says I can’t have something. As soon as you do that it’s a total trigger for me.

So while I wasn’t that interested in a board with a colored deck, as soon as @BenjaminF said this

well, there was no hope. I had to have one.

Of course my boards look nothing like anyone else’s as everyone who’s followed my build logs knows they all share the same deck design. Which actually made my mission pretty simple. All I had to do was CNC another deck and paint it Teal.


Herewith are some pictures.

The taunt

Whip up a quick dyeing box

Whip up some Dye (probably about 2 gallons of water and the whole bottle of dye. 200 degrees F and apparently you add some dish detergent. Of course those instructions are for dyeing clothes so mmmv .

aaaaaand dunk. And flip every so often. Eventually I weighed the things down with rocks.

the gloves! They do nothing!

Et Voila!!!

I know what you’re saying, " but Doug, that’s not even vaguely teal and it’s too dark!" well, you know how phone cameras don’t deal well with LED’s, often the red ones show up as white with a red ring around them? So true apparently is it with the lighting in the shop, which is still about half fluorescent and half LED. In true daylight it’s pretty close to this:

(shot with a high-end Sony camera)

(shot with the phone cam)

Also, it’s still wet. It’ll be lighter when it’s dry and even lighter when I put the grip tape over it.

Stay tuned (does anyone know what the phrase “stay tuned” means anymore? I was trying to explain to a friend a couple of days ago that something had “gone the way of the dodo” and I realized that probably no-one under a certain age would have any idea what that meant).

Anyway,. stay tuned for grip tape, mounting and supermodel shots.


@BenjaminF look what you’ve done to this poor soul


Also, if you look at the original build log for FS2 you’ll notice that the 3D printed housings were orange


and now they’re not


also, I have to say, this is a damn fine color. I might have to see if I can really get this onto a deck. It’s not like RIT dye is particularly expensive.


I did it first :stuck_out_tongue:

yours is somewhat decent looking, I guess.




FS2Teal Edition

the only thing I need to do is make a rubber roller so I can set the grip tape more thoroughly so more color will show through and hopefully it will look a little less blotchy.

Uploading: PXL_20231027_164257038.jpg…

Some time over the winter (after Halloween and 1 big plumbing project) I want to update FS1 so will try the Indigo dye then. I think if I use about half the water I used on this one I can still fully submerge the parts which should result in a deeper color.


You can mix the dyes together if needed. Just make sure the total dye to water ratio is correct and you’re good

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Fucking hell mate how long is that wheelbase?


46 inches.

It’s going to be tough getting it really dark. You can see how much it lightened up as it dried out. I really liked the wet color but now that it’s on the board with the grip tape on it it’s too light.

On the next one I might shellac some parts of it and grip tape others rather than the full cover. An excuse to do the bigfoot grip tape pattern I’ve always wanted.


Maybe cut a pattern next time to really showcase the deck dye

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Definitely. I’ll run up another set of boards today. Fortunately I have quite a bit of 3/8" Baltic in stock. And I have the Indigo dye on order.

I guess that means the FS2 Teal Edition might only last a week before it becomes FS2 Indigo Bigfoot.

I need to embed this into the center of it somehow.

(Image credit @Yeahthatperson )


Have you thought about rolling the dye on rather than submerging it. That’s how I did the rails on my two boards.

That way you can cut the design out of vinyl or blue painters tape.

Oh thats actually not as far as I thought. Good looking board mate.

That sure would be a lot simpler - I’ll do a test of that process today.

When you rolled it what was your dye to water ratio?


I used a different dye and just eyed it lol

Had some time this morning after R&R the tires on FS2, so I went ahead and dyed the Indigo deck and end caps.

in the bath

out of the bath (dripping wet)

I’ll post again when it’s dry so you can get some idea of how dark it stayed.

Still not completely dry, but almost exactly the color I was after

But I screwed up. I didn’t realize it until this morning that if I want to put the bigfoot resin inset into the deck I would have needed to do that first and dye it last. Otherwise when I sand I’ll destroy the dye job.

So for this deck I’ll likely end up with a sticker (or nothing, I haven’t decided if I want to spend the money getting stickers made)

But just to learn how to do resin insets I went ahead and cut up a practice piece and cut the pattern into it.

In order to get the detail I wanted I decided to rough out the pattern with a big cutter (025) then go progressively smaller (185, 125, 093) until I had a pretty detailed final outline.

Here’s the pattern on the computer with one the 125 edge cut

here’s the rough (025)

and here’s the final (093) pass

I’m on my way down to Woodcraft to get some resin and maybe some glittery black color packs. In doing a little Youtubing I found out that the resin has a tendency to bleed into areas around the carveout if the wood is soft, so I’m not expecting this to go well. But maybe if I paint on a first layer and then do the resin fill after that will go better.

We will see.


Ironically I was going for a lighter blue to augment the dark blue of the board but apparently I chose exactly the same blue…

But it sanded down pretty nice.

I do need to make the inset deeper. I only went down 030 and there’s some tearout visible, so next time maybe 050 or 060. And you can see the bleed, so I’ll dye the wood (teal) anyway just to see how it all goes together, but not bad for the first try.

Here are the decks fully dry, so a bit too deep.

Now I just need to talk my artist friend into making me some custom badass bigfoot feet for the stomp pads

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