Doubting my setup

Need help to make sure I’m not running into a wall.
I have
A 12s6p 30q pack
A smart 60a bms
A buck converter rated for 10a (to power a 5v led controller)
I’m bypassing the bms for discharge to the esc
I’m plugging a charge port to the bms
I want to plug the buck through the power port of the bms
Am I about to blow up due to different amps being asked of the battery?

Asking a different amount of amps from two loads on the battery doesn’t mean that the battery has to supply two different currents, it just means that the battery has to supply the sum current of both loads as long as they are in parallel. For example, if the buck converter asks for 1A, and the ESC asks for 10A, the total battery current is going to be 11A (1A + 10A = 11A).

If you are bypassing the BMS for the ESC, you might as well put the buck converter on the same bypassed output so the LEDs and ESC can work off the same switch/loop-key.

Also, make sure that your battery has a fuse on one of its main wires BEFORE anything else, especially if you are bypassing the BMS.

If you need help wiring your skateboard, just look for a bypassed ESC wiring diagram or ask me.


This. I think a lot of people do not realise the current drawn is governed by the amount the attached device is asking for, not the battery itself. I see this question asked in different forms over and over again in all walks of life.

This is why if you attach a load that needs 10A it gets 10A, even if your battery is only rated for 5A max. That’s how things go boom.