Double flange D-Shaft Pullies

Anybody know any 5m-15t double flanged d shaft motor pullies? Been looking for some but cant find any.

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@dickyho used to have them

Might want to specify shaft diameter and brand (not all D’s are created equal) and belt width

Why double flange? If the wheel pulley has a flange on one side and the motor pulley has it on the other side you shouldn’t have issues

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“D shaft” doesn’t mean much without dimensions. Even at the same shaft size, there are different profiles. :disappointed_relieved:

This is one reason I prefer keys and keyways. If D shafts were standardized, I might prefer those.

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He lists on eBay at eboard-shop

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Just use standard pulleys and bang a grub screw onto the flat spot… and some 638 on the shaft.

Thank you for using a number and not a color!

Seriously, this is helpful to readers.


Someone said it was an 8mm D-Shaft. So would 8x7.5 work for me?

A 0.5mm flat seems awfully small, it’s usually 1 to 2mm

How do i measure what my shaft is?

Take off ur pants first :joy:

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Did it to myself didnt i :expressionless:

What motors are they? My Torqueboards 6355’s have a double D shaft and I could measure if needed.

Stock meepo 6374s

Just trying to make sense of the sizing on here

I can measure it once I get home

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So far i know they’re 8mm d shaft but i dont get the sizing on that ebay listing at all

10mm shaft, flat spot is about 7.4mm wide

The other problem is I’ve seen D-shafts measured here at h but also measured here at w


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Get someone you’re very attracted to in the room with you.

Take your own, and that person’s clothes off.

Give them a tape measure.

Ask them to measure it for you.

Figured it out. The first number was side to side and the 2nd one was up and down so like the flat part to the bottom. Ordered the right pulley and now we wait :+1:

Thanks everyone!

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