Do you liking our truck

Hello friend. We like type truck but deciding we making upgrade for strong and easy price for friend. This having single steel axle cast through truck. Axle and king pin are hollow for very strong. We making axle very straight so it make for good ride. Is made by 6061 aluminium with T6 heat treating. Is have powder coating paint for finishing, but maybe anodizing later.

We thinking selling for $25 set.

If interest please say me.


very nice, what motor mounts can we fit on these, any in the works?

How wide is the truck hanger?
How long are the axles?

Is there any quality improvement over the existing chinese paris extended axle trucks which are already being sold?

What is the tolerance on these cast trucks?
Also what are the measurements?

And planning on making mounts?

@Anubis is same sizing as Paris V3 truck. We make many improvement to quality and we making ourselves in our factory. We melt aluminium in our furnace and casting all in our factory. We control all quality. Axles and king pin is being hollow, so very stronger.

@MarkOneBoards for tolerance is casting to 0.15.

If friend wanting we can maybe making mount for this.

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So not possible for dual 6374, and 180 hangers.

Might be interesting for budget builds, but i would suggest to come up with a good mount system, since most budget mounts come loose with a tolerance of 0,15

What steel is used for the axles and kingpin?

Did you do stresstests on them?

I just ask since it might be interesting :slight_smile:

Sizing is 180mm for hangar. For casting is very hard for good precision, many casting truck have very loosing tolerance up to 0.3.

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Yes, hence why i asked what the plans for the future are.
If you can make a mount that is 100% not moving while riding, these trucks will become much more desirable.

But good work on improving :slight_smile:

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For steel we using alloy steel. We perform many bend and deforming test with our machine. We test many sample.

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You know the steel type and hardness?

Need checking with my engineer (Is maybe SCM440). Is holiday China now, so we all home.


Enjoy your holiday :slight_smile:


Dickyo’s paris mounts would likely mount onto these. But there are also already paris style trucks with a wider hanger and wider axles (dual 6380 iirc) so this would have to find a place in the market with higher quality materials or something

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Can you guys audibly hear my eyes rolling from your locations?


@Brenternet What meaning?

Jeff your truck is fine but it’s a but late unfortunately. My comment was not aimed at you.

Paris originals are only slightly more price wise and available for next day delivery in most countries.

A round mounting profile is less appealing to diy users than something squared.

Cast trucks are quickly becoming obsolete here because people are realising that precision cnc’d trucks are better in every way except perhaps solid through-axles. They also don’t need to cost a fortune.

You’re on the right track with your offerings in general and you’re going to be amazing for this community, your truck might find a place in some budget builds but I’m not sure why they would use it instead of a fully supported original paris truck that this is cloned from.

Keep up the development please!


Wow, sensible Bret :heart_eyes:


This is really, really good.

I’ve broken axles and kingpins, I would not make them hollow.

As far as use on electric boards, it’s much better if the hanger is not round – so you can put motor mounts on it.


I’ve talked to a machinist about this – and precision aluminum CNC’d truck hangers could be made with steel through-axles but they’d have to be splined and pressed in hydraulically.


@jeffwuneo is this baseplate compatible with Caliber hangers? Do you sell only baseplates? What is the angle?