Do wider trucks to fit Meepo Hub Motors exist ?

as the title suggests I’m looking for, and have so far found zilch online, wider trucks that will accomodate Meepo Hub motors. The standard Shredder type rears are 120mm without the hubs attached, and I’m after at least 140mm or 150mm to provide a wider stance.

Reason is I have nice Meepo DIY build on a drop through deck that I really like. I added Cloudwheel sleeves to the wheels and now wheelbite is an issue (120mm vs original 100mm wheels). Plus I would like a wider track in general. As if fitting the Cloudwheels to Meepo hubs wasn’t a pain in the ass already, I now can’t really use them as intended without solving the wheelbite issue…

The only other solution is to buy a whole new deck with longer front and rear sections and swap everything over. Just don’t want to do this if I can find wider trucks.

My guess is they don’t exist since I’ve spent far too much time searching, and posting here is a last resort for me :slight_smile:

Can anyone help ?

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I personally haven’t seen any wider than the stock hub motor truck width.


is it the one that has the shaft on the motor? try backfire ranger dkp, iirc, they are also same mount method, but idk if the shaft section will fit

idk if u can convert the dkp to rkp either, so it could potentially be a waste of money

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These are the stock ones and measure 120mm without motors attached. Front hangers are 180mm.

Ideally I’ve have 150mm rear and 210mm fronts, but save some bespoke CAD work on fusion and hefty enginnering bill from the CNC guys round the corner I’m thinking this is going nowhere… !

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I believe most newer motors use the square slotted Profile.

Ranger as well.

The old hubs use the axle.

The old wowgo trucks are 120mm as well


You might be able to machine U-shaped spacers and new back plates instead of a whole hangar. Should be far simpler and cheaper, but no guarantees on strength since it adds strain to the original hangar.


he got no pic, idk what i should be suggesting, but the square profile is the better one compare to shaft

how are the cloudwheels?

I honestly wonder if modified BN bolt on clamp would work. Haha could even gain rake adjustment.

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They’re actually not that bad, once the anger and frustration of fitting them subsides :rofl:

Definitely soak up the bumps better than the 100mm sleeves, and way faster as they are 120mm diameter of course.- got close to 34mph on the flat with them. Just can’t do tight turns at slow speeds due to them biting when i go full tilt. Flat out blasting is OK though.

Setup is 10s3p 30Q, Unity at 45A Battery and 45A Motor Max. Definitely run warmer than 100mm sleeves, but not too hot to worry about. I don’t really have any hills where i live though. :+1:

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but was it 160$ smoother?

How much are they biting? If it’s just a little it’s probably easier to sand off the part of the deck where it’s touching than mess around with the trucks.

I was surprised actually how nice there were. I was more pleased at the extra speed. As another option in my collection i think the answer is yes they are worth having.

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I have considered it, but also don’t want to wreck the looks of this build. It was my second ever and had a certain sentimental value attached to it :rofl:

Might have to just do another build on a more suitable deck…

If you really want a project and/or have access to a mill you could butcher some other hangers? Mill a face off and add a pocket for the square, then mill another piece that bolts on as a retainer. Would be much easier than attempting to make fully custom hangers because you don’t have to mess with the kingpin and mounting part, and especially if you reduce the length of a decent hanger instead of adding length to a cheap one you’d have a better chance of strength

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Don’t know if you are still looking for them… but yes they do exist… the spacing is slightly larger so you have to fabricate a wedge though… I use these on my skatepark build… I’ve only heard bad things about Eco mobile and I’ve never ridden in any of their boards,

but I can vouch for the trucks.

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