Do LiTechPower 18650 cells legit?

As title says, sells 18650 Samsung cells in their site.
Does anyone have any experience with them besides their BMS? Can we trust these are genuine cells?

That’s cheap for d140 bms and you dont need to order 2 winning…

I’m asking about 18650 cells, not BMS.

Settle down assburgers could find them. they were under signal cell. that’s not a good sign. Cant tell from the Samsung but the LGs are sure as shit chinese fakes i have those exact model cells in my garage. I would rate their reliabilty the same as buying from aliexpress as a rule buying korean cells from china usually nets you chinese cells, the only difference is the quality. Most live up to capacity but not the constant current output and guess whats more important in esk8. I have some panasonics that look identical to these and have 3200mah in my lil-500 chargers. But run them through 10 cycles and that starts to drop rapidly. I put them in my dyson and they ran red hot I put them in the bin.