DIY Trampa MTB - 12s6p VTC6 - Mini Helical E-TOXX - Focbox Unity

Hey there :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share my building process with you guys!

–> TRAMPA Mountainboard with 9.525mm TITANIUM Axle ULTIMATE Trucks RATCHET Bindings
–> ULTIMATE WHITE - CNC with 9.525mm Titanium Axles
–> BLACK Innova MUD-PLUGGER Tyres 200mm
–> 12s6p Sony VTC6 18650
–> 150A BMS
–> Mini Helical Geardrive E-Toxx 8mm
–> Elastomere Damper E-Toxx
–> 2x 6374 150kv Bioboards
–> Enertion Focbox Unity
–> GT2B Remote MasterCho Mod

Here are some building impressions. Sometimes it was a pain in the a** but with a little help of some amazing friends I did it. I also know that some things could be done better - especially the battery. For example to the nickel strips round etc. But I am happy with the build and and in case of electronic safety I did my best.


I have to mention these very amazing people in the forum who helped me with this project:

Thank you - @RyuX - my sensei in all electrical issues !!!
Thank you - @Sharky - the eskate allrounder - his knowledge is from another planet !!!
Thank you - @Lee_Wright for the e-toxx installation video on YT !!!
Thank you - @NoWind (E-Toxx) for instant help and delivering !!!

Now it’s time to but on the safety gear and grind the tyrolean mountains :slight_smile:

Ride safe - best regards Mattl


Sick board man, now go get it covered in dirt.

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yep - thats the plan !

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Shes a beauty! I’m so glad my video was useful to you! Congrats on a sick board bro

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Sexy! A build to be proud of :relieved:

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Thx lee and hope moe is alright :heart:

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Thx you so much :slight_smile:


Btw did you ship your hanger to Jens? And how long did it take before you got everything shipped to you?

That’s ma boy!!!

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Yes the hanger goes to jens. How long it takes depends on where you live. Germany is next to me…so everything was done in one week.


Have a great weekend everyone!
Ride safe :slight_smile:


BMSSimultaneous or separate?

How was the ride and what range did you get from your battery in the mountains or hills?

Where did you get that β€œholder” for the two welding probes on the malectrics spot welder? Is it 3D-printed?

Loving the build btw

you mean BMS only charge? I’ve got a 120A BMS and ride with 60A. The BMS is wired charge an discharge.

my longest ride was 1000 meters of altitude/height and 30km distance - one charge and 30% left in the battery. with my 12s6p sony VTC6


thx man - glad you like it - this is the spotwelder of my friend @Sharky and he 3D printed it, so pls ask him :slight_smile:

That’s pretty nice. I am sure I’ll get stuck up somewhere there soon and will have to carry my board (~ 25 kg) for a longer part. But that is what adventures are for right?

Edit: Funny enough, I haven’t really seen any mountain footage on E-MTB; you? Even this one from Trampa is still more on the hilly side, although nice

I agree - I ride the same β€œhilly” roads like in the trampa video. Some hiking paths to the alpine pasture up the mountain. But that’s enough for me :slight_smile:

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Just a quick update. I am upgrading my mountainboard with 9inch tires. Review and honest opinion following soon.