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This was the first electric board that I got. Arrived as a meepo V3 with a 10s Extended Range battery. Besides for cosmetics… I’m having an issue… If I put too much impact on the board upon landing it will completely die and will not turn on whatsoever until I unplug it and plug it back in or hook it up to a charger… On a note: after this happens it becomes more and more frequent per ride shutting down. It’s not a short in the wiring, I’ve already checked and replaced. I’m using the stock ESC that meepo already had on the board. I don’t know much about ESC or vesc controllers, but I’m wondering if this could be the reason for the shutdown… the board does not have to be hot for this to happen… sometimes I can get a full ride out of it and sometimes I can’t get 20 minutes…


If your board is shutting down and needs to be plugged into the wall to turn back on, this is absolutely a battery issue.

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Loose internal connections can be a bad time if the stars align


I can unplug it and plug it back in to get it to turn back on. Without it being in the wall. Need to edit the post.

This could be the battery BMS short circuit protection, which is actively preventing a fire, or some sort of protection of the esc stopping a fire. Everything here screams fire hazard, and I’d replace both the esc and battery. This is expensive and not what you want or hear but you also don’t wanna burn your house down.


I was thinking about replacing what meepo had on there with some bullet connectors. What would you recommend? 5.5?

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It’s been this way for about a year now… not saying that you are incorrect. But it only happens with hard hits.

that board looks stupid fun to ride lol

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Meepo uses Ling-Yi ESCs and from my experience with them, none of them have had this issue. However, I do not jump my board or anything like that normally.

Closest thing in terms of impact was when a gap in the road stopped me at 21mph and resulted in my board being launched into the air, thrown a good 6 or more feet in front of me, and flipped it upside down. Once I got up and could get back onto the road, it was running just fine so I don’t think it is an issue with the ESC itself.

What part is hot? the motors and back truck or is it the controller?

If it was a battery issue, then the battery would have been completely drained and not work at all by now. It took less than a month for my battery to go from needing to be plugged up to turn on, to not staying on at all anymore without wall power.

More photos of the internal set up would help a ton in figuring out what might be wrong.

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Your bms is going into protection mode 100% !

If you have a rusty connection or any other wonky shit going on with your balance wires this will happen. Ive had these exact same symptoms on one of my first diys. Open the battery to find out.

And unless you’ve inspected the battery, or tested another esc or other device with this battery while hitting it, don’t say it’s not the battery.

As someone said before, lingyis don’t have this behaviour, not any esc has.

Be careful and good luck

Only if its a bad cell/group. This is going to be a loose connection somewhere, the chemistry is not susceptible to vibrations, and cells wouldn’t turn back on if they were the culprit.

Loose connection on one of those balance wires.
Those lingyis can take a beating.


yeah as I said previously, I do not think this is safe to use. Even it has been working for a “year”, doesnt mean it’s safe. it means you’ve been lucky.


+1 Definitely not safe to use until inspection has taken place.

As @Evwan says you’ve been lucky

I thought they were originally saying the battery was just completely shit/ lost capacity. So my comment was on if the battery cells had ALL lost capacity. Probably should have clarified that bit tbh.

There is a window where the battery has almost lost all capacity but isn’t there yet where you can still get everything to work so long as you use the charger to turn on the esc. That is what I meant was not the issue since that period of time would not last an entire year. Wasn’t trying to rule out all the other possible battery problems, but I can see how it reads as if I was saying that.

Also I’m the one who said Ling Yis don’t do that :rofl:


I know, i was addressing OP in the last two lines of my response. Not very clear of me.

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I lack knowledge on electronics… I just started learning what I do know when I got my first board a couple years ago. I have some grimy connectors from a local hardware store going from motor cables to the ESC… I’ve been told to replace them with bullet connectors. Does that sound legit to start with?

That’s start, but i doubt very much the issue would lie there.

Get a new battery or learn how to inspect it.

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Just adding this here so folks see these boards get tossed around more than most…


They definitely do my dude…