DIY Silicone Gaskets

I found this video on Youtube about a guy who needed a custom gasket.

Could be helpful for builders whose enclosures aren’t sitting quite right. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m gonna go watch this right now, but before I do, here’s another one I watched the other day. Gonna try making some urethane risers in silicone molds with this method :+1:


‘‘makes a great noise’’

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aussies are great for things like that. true diy. I am still interested in what grain sand paper he used to get the finished product and if he did an extra layer of epoxy to get it so shiny.
Also didn’t know that you could handle silicone with soapy water… that’s sooooo cooooool!
Thx @glyphiks

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Its a sweet little vid, excited to try it out.

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