[For Sale located in San Diego]
{Asking $1100.00}

Boo boo boo, Karam don’t ride enough to keep nice board. Selling Idea build. Gets about 25 miles range and tops at around 31mph. I have new motor pinions to switch gearing to go faster as well! Top of the line board right here.

Can ship anywhere in US. Shipping on u tho :grin:

It’s a super slick looking build and battery is in great health. Can also reconfigure settings from your phone! Have 2 new 140kv 6384 battle hardened motors as well for extra cost if you’d like to switch out the ones on the board. The board could use 2 new inserts that’s the biggest flaw.

List of internals:

  • 12s4p p42a molicel battery
  • Stormcore 60D
  • BN270 trucks
  • M1 AT
  • Maytech modors
  • hoyt puck cherry
  • 12s 4amp charger
  • BN GT3 Wheels
  • EBOARDS PERU enclosure


2 new inserts?

Edit: for the enclosure bolts?


Still gots

Flippy floppy flap, please buy my crap

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Good looking board! Still for sale? What kind of tires are those? Did you like the GT3 hubs? Wider contact patch 49mm tire seat sounds nice. How were the bearing seats? Any play?

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No play on bearing seats, only wheels I run now. The tires are trampa urban treads

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This board still for sale boss?
My board got swiped and I need to get a new one.
There’s a boatload of deals goin right now though, tons of boards for 8 or 9 hundo, and for $$11hundo + shipping - I’m tryna figure out what’s the best value to get me down the road.

I’m needing something with at least a 30 mile range though, and ideally a 35mph top speed for a 150~160lb rider.

The battery cells LiPo? Or Li Ion?

How many miles you got in this bad boy?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond, any idea what shipping might cost to Medford Oregon from SD?
(How would you package it up - assuming you don’t have a box for some pre-built esk8 laying around…)


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This board barely got any miles on it to be honest. Less than 700 but more than 500.

They are 12s4p li-ion p42a cells. Shipping wouldn’t be crazy, probably around 50$

Right on…
Dammit man, I like your board.
How many watts/kv (or whatever) are the motors?

I’m figurin out what to do…
Hoping to pull the trigger on something in the next day or two.

Thanx a million.

170kv motors