DIY GPS Tracker and DC converter

I got my board stolen once, but I got it back after the fight I had. Anyways, This will save you money down the road. I paid $99 for 6 months(1 min refresh time). There’s more options, so check it out. This video will also show you how to add a DC converter too. You could add lights, mini computer or whatever. It’s your choice.



  1. DC 9V 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 84V 120V to 5V 12V 3A Step Down Module Power Supply DC DC converter Non-isolated Buck Converter

  2. Tracki GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Car, Kids, Dogs, Motorcycle. 4G LTE GPS Tracking Device. Unlimited Distance US & Worldwide. Small Portable Real time Mini Magnetic. Subscription Needed

  3. BNTECHGO 18 Gauge Silicone wire 10 ft red and 10 ft black Flexible 18 AWG Stranded Copper Wire

  4. 20 Pairs XT30 Connectors Male and Female Connectors Plugs with 2 Pieces Shrink Tubing for RC Battery

  5. CHICAGO ELECTRIC POWER TOOLS Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment, 5 Piece

  6. Alpha Fry 4 oz Rosin Core Solder Wire 0.03 in. D Tin/Lead 60/40 1 pc


This is a cool solution but it’s kind of expensive, and I don’t imagine myself confronting a thief if my board ends up in some sketchy place.

If you don’t have it, renters insurance is cheap and it covers your possessions anywhere in the world. If my board got stolen out of my car, all I would need to do is file a police report and then my insurance would pay out for a new Lacroix, minus my $500 deductible.


You just call the cops and give them the GPS coordinates.

Replacing a prebuilt is one thing, but the time and effort to replace a DIY might make the subscription worth it.

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This is assuming you have a police force that will actually help you and not just laugh it off.

I had a drone, camera, laptop stolen some years back. Filed a police report for insurance purposes (online, nobody shows up for petty theft).

Flash forward 2+ years later and I get a call from a detective: “We have recovered your drone, I’ll bring it to you”

Detective arrives with a drone that is clearly not my drone. I say this and he’s like: “welp it’s just going to go back into the evidence locker until it’s auctioned. Nobody ever claims these, you want it anyway?”

Our tax dollars at work, people. :upside_down_face:

I got fully reimbursed via insurance though, so +1 to @Shadowfax’s advice.


I hate that this is true… now that I think about it I’ve never had cops be helpful in any way, so I’m not sure why I suggested that. They would most likely do jack shit.


In my own personal experiences, they have never once been helpful for a single thing.

If anything it’s been a waste of my time trying to get help, or them wasting my time by fucking with me on charges that the court ultimately threw out. I’ve got some fun stories.

We don’t call the cops in my household.


Honestly, It’s not expensive at all. Every year I’m going to pay $167 with my income tax. It’s a one time fee for every year. I also have one inside my car. Also, from my understand… Renters insurance only cover from the inside of your apt or house. When I got my board stolen. I track it down while I called the cops. They helped me out. It suck I have to do that, but GPS tracker was super accurate to find the thief. It’s 100% worth it.

Everyone here has different experiences when it comes to cops. I guess it depends on the location where you live at. If not, You might have to pretend you’re in danger when you call the cops. They have no choice to

This is not right. Renters insurance covers your possessions anywhere in the world. My renters insurance is only ~$100 a year. I checked specifically because I’ve spent a lot of time travelling in a campervan that is very easy to break in to, with thousands of dollars of rock climbing and esk8 gear. It’s literally just a police report and they pay out based on that.

I like your DIY lojack solution. It’s legit. I just think insurance is an overall easier solution for myself.

After reading my Insurance policy. You are right. Im going to add that as I still want the GPS trackers so the person could get arrested, I have to protect my family and else. It did helped me in the past. Thanks for info tho. I guess I cant trust my friends with information.

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you haven’t lived until you retrieve your property from a traphouse.

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I just saw this today at my location. Cops at Connecticut do ping your location once you provide the information of your gps tracker. This is the same way how I solved my issue as well. Anyways, The owner got his car back from a 15yrs old kid. Gps tracker does

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