DIY Freestyle Deck

Recently, I got interested in freestyle longboarding aka sliding, tricks… I ve been longboarding forever so i thought it wouldnt be a big problem to learn.
Also, i have some spare 65 mm rounded edge wheels which should be perfect for this style.
I needed only trucks and a deck. @Sebas gave me some calibers for shipping, so only thing left is a deck.
Ive been looking for a cheap, but decent deck suitable for freestyle but couldnt find one, so i decided to DIY it.
I will post updates on my process of building my deck here.

First, I looked for a deck template that suited me.
I went for the loaded tan tien.dfaa57470aeae89f5bd6cec5e447ddf3
I modeled it in 3d.

Then, i sliced it into sections and printed the crossections, that would help me build a press for the deck.

The press will be made from a top and bottom flat plywood plate. Between them, there will be ribs, which will form the deck into its shape. Everything will be pressed together by screws at the sides of the ribs.

Today, i started building it.
First, i cut some 2cm plywood into 30cm by 7cm sections, that i will use as ribs for the press.

I sanded them down, so that all of them were precisly the same.

After that, i drilled two holes in each rib.

These will be used for the screws that will press the top ribs to the bottom ones.
Next, i cut out the printed templates and glued them on the ribs, so i will know where to cut them.

Tommorow i will cut them with a jigsaw.

I havent thought much about which wood i will be using for the deck. I was thinking 3plys of 3mm maple plywood. If this wont be stiff enough, i will cover the bottom with fibreglass.

Please give me some advice on this. I want a quite flexy deck, but not the kind that touches the ground if you jump on it🙂.


Looks very promising!

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Did you consider making it with resin infusion instead of press? Check this out:

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Very interesting process🙂. Im trying to keep this on a budget so buying a vacuming bag and tools would be a no go.