Diy E-MBS Comp 6

Good evening folks,

So finally after trying and riding some eboards came to build my own EMB from my current board and need some help :slight_smile:
Basically, what im looking for is that speed would be 30-40mph and range 25-35miles. So the things im ordering or have or will order is:

  1. MBS Comp 6 board
  2. 2x Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-190KV
  3. 2x Maytech VESC6 based controller 200A (each)
  4. Maytech 2.4ghz remote waterproof wireless receiver remote
  5. Batteries NEED HELP which better to use ( dont understand mostly this part for diy of project :D Sorry for being newbie, but have to start somewhere, dont ya :smiley: ha ha lol)

well for batterie covers thinking of using military bag idea rather than a box, as well anyone tried for making waterproofing and vesc and batteries covers or batteries itself with nano coating? Just having some thoughts about it :slight_smile:

Thank You for all help in advance :slight_smile:



Definitely go for lower kv

I hear it’s a good remote depending on the area you live.
It can suffer from interference issues in cities.


I love mine, I wish high traffic areas were better for others.

The new version is supposed to be better :man_shrugging:

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Came to also say, use lower KV


Is this Kellen’s and Justin’s uncle?

This is a good place to start reading… Battery Basics for Beginners [Serious-ish]

If you don’t want to read and just want a suggestion… to meet your specs, I might suggest a 12S10P 30Q pack or a 12S8P 40T. These are both around ~30-32AH and will get you ~27mi, you’ll need closer to 40AH to hit 35mi of range.

Make sure to upgrade to a metal baseplate if you haven’t already.

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Gonna need a fat pack,
might consider just going LIPO for the simplicity/cost

Good to see you made it over. Welcome!

i live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so weather in here like 4 seasons in one day, but enjoyable :smiley: haha :slight_smile: nice to know about remote, but its not big city like :D but amazing one :D ha ha :P about motors, im looking like ‘sweet spot’ between and speed but uphills and stuff, Belfast and surroundings has loads of hills :slight_smile: so You think still better to go for 190kv?

ha ha ha :smiley: yeah, took some time :smiley: but just got a wee doggie so he is more important :smiley: but still came :smiley:

which LIPO combination best to use ? :slight_smile: for my goal, i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

whenever i was buying board from the guy, it was already upgraded to metal baseplate :slight_smile:
but thank you for reminding!! small mistakes makes biggest problems :smiley: :smiley:
i`m better looking for LIPO batteries, any idea which combo suit me best ?:slight_smile: plus as well will start reading the link as well :slight_smile: Thanks You :slight_smile:

that`s what i was thinking going with :slight_smile:

Definitely lower the lower kv motors.

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Hmm good question.
Just depends on the geometry.
But since you’re gonna have lots in parallel, you don’t need high C ratings

better this Turnigy SK8 6364-190KV Sensored Brushless Motor or this Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV Brushless Outrunner Motor You are wreckin`?

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I don’t have experience with any of those motors sorry.
Think @Dareno does tho

I like the sk8 because it’s designed for this application and for VESC use.

People like the torqueboards motors a lot more though

well im looking for more or less middle :D coz in here where i ride its loads of hilly roads and beside sea hills of roads, parks, forest parks and etc :slight_smile: