DIY Battery BMS Help

Hello just want to get soem help with a diagram to maek sure i have this correctly.

I have a 12s7p battery i built in this config as its the only one that would fit in my enclsoure

Green values indicate the BMS Connections on + terminals on battery pack


This is the wiring Diagram i followed from Build Kit Boards as provided on their website. could someone please go over the diagram i have and let me know if it is correct please.

Link to Build Kit Boards Diagram and instructions

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Your balance wires seem backwards.

If you think of B- as zero, then the balance wires should count up from there, 1-12. So, B-, B1, B2 etc.

Yours seem to go going B-, B12, B11 etc.

oh ok so B12 connects to the first + terminal and counts down so the one closest to - shjould be 1? oh yes i see i messed that up thank you!

Well crap guess i should have asked here first. seems like i might have killed my BMS

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