DIY based on Evolve gt carbon- Now continue with DIY gen 2

The battery is old but new, never been used so it surprised me to see how good it works.

I will build new battery, for now I have the Hadean and the gt to ride.

I used the regular 12 inch set, for street wheels use it should be good enough.
using flipsky 15 inch trucks is a great idea, I might order spare set in case I want to use AT.

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After I lost the E in my grip tape I’ve made new logo for it using 3D printed template and white spray

Also got the Gen 2 parts last week from evolve (trucks, pulleys, wheels)
Had to CNC the original motor mounts to be adjustable but that’s not a problem

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Nice update- The board is working :slight_smile:
weight came to 8.5kg with 97mm wheels and 9kg with the 107.

5mm CNC battery spacer from ABS and 1mm foam both sides added to the battery cover to hold the 18650 cells, if you are interested to buy spacer for 18650/21700 cells pm me.

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