Dissasembly of Revel Kit and DD

I was wondering if anyone has disassembled the revel direct drive kits and if it is possible to shoehorn the ESC Battery and Motors without the mounting plate into an enclosure. I want to do a DIY with the Landyachtz Evo 40" dropped deck and I have 2 revel kits that I adore. I would love to just slap them on the evo, but its a dropped deck :confused:. I was wondering if I could just slap the electronics on the deck without the mounting plates.

You try it.
Probably possible, If you can find the hidden screw.

My experience:
It was possible on the Landwheel hub drive kit(I did that). It has ESC enclosure space and track fixed on one base plate.

*The Landwheel is a manufacturer of revel direct drive kit and has manufactured and sold hub motor drive kits in the past.

Awesome good to know. With all of the shit going down right now Ill probably wait for a month before I start the project. In your experience, was it possible to remove the ESC from the enclosure?

I’ve actually done a lot of work with the Landwheels, if you check out my thread:

you can see what I ended up doing with the batteries from several. I have taken apart the Landwheel multiple times and I know how all of it works. It is a fairly simple disassembly, and the hub units easily disconnected from the baseplates. The ESC’s use the baseplate as a massive heatsink so I would be wary about removing those without providing a heatsink, but it is possible. I am using Vescs in my build but you could easily have used the normal ESC’s.

Let me know if you have any specific questions, I can probably get some pictures and stuff if you need it, or at least offer assistance.

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@ShutterShock Do you happen to know if the mounting for the direct drive motors onto the truck is standard across other direct drive motors from other manufacturers like boundmotor or onsra?

I have a revel kit, and I’m wondering if I can convert the revel kit to a dkp setup by changing out the rear truck and mounting the motors on a DKP direct drive assembly. Onsra sells the rear DD truck without motors.

I don’t think it’s standard unfortunately but I’ve never looked at the other ones so I could be wrong

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