Direct drive or hub

@bobby told me to take this to the forum.

He argues these gen 1 carvon are hub but I say it’s the evolution of Direct drives

I see a motor inside the thane. Thane removed=hub motor.
Isnt the perk with direct drive that you get to keep the thane as it is? :exploding_head:


I’d say it’s a bit of both worlds with some of the disadvantages of both - less thane that a full direct drive, and less compact/stealthy than a full hub.

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Hub because the wheels aren’t full urethane. I get how you’d argue that they’re not hubs because they’re evolving into direct drives but the way I see it they still are hub motors cuz the wheels aren’t normal wheels.


Settle this NOW

  • Direct Drive
  • Fancy Hub motors

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You win, damn it

Holy shlt, someone vote yes for DD just to make me feel better

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Do let us know how they perform tho, very curious

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Biggest giveaways. Thane cut out and you’re actually riding ontop of the motors whereas direct drive the ride is all on the wheel and full thane.


I’d like to thank @Mainflow for voting DD, it really means a lot to me


Why not both?

It’s missing the 3rd option though.

  • Item that fucked up esk8 crowdsourcing for our whole community

Wait what’s the background I’m missing to understand this dig?

It was the first carvon, which lead to two rounds of crowdfunding that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and less than a quarter of the people who put money in got a part of out of them.

Ultimate crowdfunding confidence cockblock.


Ahah that’s what I thought I’m aboht half informed on this. Been digging thru the old forum and researching esk8 history. It has quite an interesting history I must say

We need a wiki