direct drive from torque board problem

somebody know what’s the problem here? am really stuck! and how to setup to the max speed please somebody help me!!

Is one spinning the wrong way? You need to fix that in the software.

Motor Settings > General > General > Invert Motor Direction

I did that it’s the same vibrations anyway :confounded:

Unbolt you wheel, slide the whole motor off the hanger. On the square part of the hanger where the motor slides onto, put a single wrap of aluminum tape. This will fill the gap that exists between the motor and the hanger, stopping the rattle. It will also provide better thermal transfer from the motor stator to the hanger.


I will try that I am go to buy that tape right now! thank u I will send a video


that was the problem! you was right thanks a lot men!:ok_hand:


Hell yeah bro, glad we could get that fixed!

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:sunglasses: thanks bro!

I’d recommend thermal tape.

I’d also check remote settings (I haven’t used it yet) but you may be able to change the wheel size to change the MPH calculations? I think.

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thanks a lot! now I just need to know how to setup the top speed in this case 45mph+ for the 90kv direct drive😁

As long as your giving it the proper amps. You should be able to hit 40+ unless something is restricting top speed.

Have you tested it or you just wanted to make sure?

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I want to make sure​:grin::ok_hand:

hey can you tell me how to setup to get max speed please?

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ERPM limit and test

mm okay I will try

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mm seems like nothing happen

here’s what I get

I fixit now was the foc motor setup