Direct drive For Sale [US]

Got some parts for sale. Most of them are parts I didn’t use in my last build. Prices are without shipping.

[Item 1] CARVON speed drive V3 - $200

[Item 2] CARVON speed drive V4 - $225

I can/will ship international, but again, buyer pays shipping. The CARVON sets just had their sensor cables replaced. I will also change the motor weave or wrap the cans in carbon fiber vinyl for $5 per set. I would recommend buying both sets as it will give a ton of power and easily attain 60mph.

Prices are negotiable but I have most of them priced to sell relatively quickly.


Would you sell the clamps for the BN mounts? I have 2 part caliber cast I want to replace

It depends on if I can get the whole set sold. I’ll dm you in a week or so if they don’t sell.

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@ZachTetra @Akbrock47 I would take the rest of the mounts for a good price.

Using them on BN hangers or Caliber Hangers?

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I want to put them on old trampa trucks, with a 3d printed clamp. So I guess I should ask what’s the diameter of the mounting hole?

The mounting pattern is 35 or 36mm diameter, 4 holes

Ah, shit never mind that’s too small.

Are the motors on the meepo awd setup meant for direct drive or belt set up?


Direct. I hope. Could be belt. Hopefully not hub. Might be planetary. Im confused. Definitely gear drives. I have had little syrup today.

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I think they’re hubs

They’re 4 Meepo hub motors. So direct I guess.

Edit: Didn’t see hubs comment. They’re hub motors, but with 4wd there are no cooling problems.

Edit 2: it is direct drive with the pneumatic adapter technically

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Bump and updated

Hi I’m JD from Westminster Ca. I would like to buy the meepo from you asap please. I saw your ad the other night and then couldn’t find it again yesterday. I spent 2 hours searching and think that was deleted. I ended up googling key words I remember from your ad and found this one. What payment method do you prefer?

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Prices lowered

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How do these compare to revel direct drives?


They are a much higher kv rating than the revels. With 12s I think you get like 35 mph with 100mm wheels, but with these, you will get 50+ top speed. There is not much testing with higher amps with the revels because the stand alone motor kit is relatively new. What I do know is that these will give a crazy amount of power, even at high speeds when you are using higher amps.

Do you agree with these statements @Halbj613 ?

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