different Mah rating

I was thinking about getting a higher Mah battery (running lipo btw) but I was curious if I can run two different lipos with different Mah ratings

In parallel?
It’s possible but you run a much greater risk of having problems and with LiPo’s that is not good. Current will flow between the two batteries as well as from the batteries to the ESC. Your BMS would need to be set up and work perfectly and you would have to monitor temperatures and voltages to make sure all is okay.

I strongly recommend not having different capacity batteries in parallel unless you know all the issues involved. Just buy a new larger capacity pack or use multiples of the same batteries.

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Mah means mega-atto-hours, or just pico-hours for short

mAh means milli-amp-hours

MAH means mega-amp-henries

mah means milli-atto-hours

Thank you!

I took a natural science course in college so the disregard for capitalization vs SI units and prefixes has always bothered me.

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