Difference between a smart bms and non Bluetooth one?

I’m having a 12s4p battery built into one of eboosted’s SS Trampa carve enclosures and unfortunately we can’t fit the smart Bluetooth bms in along with the duel vesc’s etc so until I find a really small smart bms I’m having a Kaly one fitted . I’ll still have the Vesc tool app so what ami really loosing out on with the non smart bms and is it worth upgrading later on to one with Bluetooth ?

The main advantage od the smart one is that you can check voltages in the app everything else is more or less the same

And you can also turn on balancing manually

So it not the end of the world that I don’t have it and only have the vesc tool info

A smart BMS is also usually a lot bigger and more expensive, decide carefully

My batt builder had already bought some smart bms’s but as the space is tight it won’t fit hence he’s using a new spare bms supplied by kaly NYC boards . Non Bluetooth do will fit . I was just wondering if I should find a really small active bms wether it was worth swapping it out or as I have the vesc tool app is it not worth the bother