Dickyho's dynamical idler

this idea have been on my mind for very long time. back on the time when I still use fixed motor screw holes mounts. the belts always will have little loose, or if too tight will kill the belt. So, I always wanted to use 2 fingers to press on the belt to make it fit well. that comes the idea of this idler. have been test it for a while, working good.

to put springs on the idler, the purpose is to put pressure on the belt. makes the belt not too loose, and not too tight. to achieve the function, absorb vibation, protecting belts and pulleys. making the system more effective.

Note: to keep proper pressure on the belt ! but I can not tell you what proper it is. what I can do is to collect datas. like for 15/36 pulley need 330 belt on my long mount. So, on this require buyer’s DIY ability.

this idler is not fixed, the whole idler set will move following the movement of the belt.

advertise this product, by the way.


Interesting, has this been done in commercial applications where vibrating timing belts are in use?

Once again a super cool innovation by dicky, with a budget price to go with it


I thought about this before, but I had in mind a “scissors” setup where they were spring-loaded closed. This is not how I was expecting it to look. Interested in this idea!

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This is so simple. If it works, then it’s perfect

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I did tested with some ride, very good so far.

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Only problem I see with this is you run into limitations with tire size. In your 8th pic on the page you can see you cannot go any larger with how far the linkage sticks out.

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I am not sure, never google this idea on other products like cars…, besides, we can not use google in china…

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true, it can only use on my long mounts with 80-100mm wheels

I tried something similar with my mounts and ran into that problem, im running 107mm on that board though.

I do love this though! I will definitely be using this in my next short board

I do have a video of when it working. unfortunately youtube is blocked in china…

Nice also did this for ebike, but still haven’t gotten back to trying to fix pulley alignment on that one.

the differ is, to make it a good net shop product, I need to make it simple, parts can be easy to source.

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Simple also breaks less :smiley:

If you can send it to me through WeChat I can post it on Google Drive and share here.

PM if you want to do this.

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thanks a lot!


This idea have a lot of potential, mostly if you drivetrain pulleys are not spinning perfectly centered, keeping the belt tension constantish and prevent being necessary to set it too tight to avoid skipping

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