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Hey guys- is Dicky’s shop down due to corona virus? Need to order some motor mount braces.


this post may be better suited for the Vendor Corner but in the meantime perhaps @dickyho can help

Chinese New Year mostly, but of course the Coronavirus threw things for a loop.

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Vendor corner is for vendor shop posts, not really questions about them

@BlackSambo What do you need from him (Edit just seen its mount braces, if you mean crossbars I do have them)? I might have it in stock but I’m also running pretty low, we were actually in the middle of an order before the virus hit so I have a ton of pending items waiting :frowning:


gotcha, i misunderstood the purpose of the vendor thread. thanks for the clarification!


I think its down due to the coronavirus and the government recommending businesses stay closed for the time being. I was also looking to buy some parts off him, but I think its better we wait a while before asking him to send stuff. Hopefully you can find the parts from somewhere else


£9 is quite a lot, do you want an idler or something in there too? xD (Free)

literally on the front page


Order placed bro- I’m all good. Buy ya self something nice. Cheers

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yeah shipping and fulfillment centers are also closed. So even if he has parts in stock in his living room, he can’t ship it out :frowning:

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He’s been able to ship my parts out, but its by a nontraditional courier and I suspect it will be a while before regular orders are able to be fuffilled


Anyone know where I can get the 6x2 tubes without 6 week shipping to Australia?

Edit: and not fuck my wallet either

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  • fast
  • good quality
  • cheap

pick two :wink:

Try amazon



I was confused too. But this explains thanks for the post :slight_smile:

Did he open up and the close again? I ordered from him on march 28th. but now he looks closed.

I was gonna order a BMS from him cause it’s small.

PM or email him.
He’s still hunkered down but he has been able to sneak a package or two to me this year :+1:
Apparently his area was hit hard and he’s just laying low. Sometimes he takes a day or two to respond but he always does.

Thanks @dickyho, stay safe buddy!


I ordered dozens of Daly BMS and a bunch of mounts.
A $500 order. Sick all the eBay and Ali being out of stock.
Should be here in a week. Just pay me the going rate plus shipping you would pay him.

Might keep a stock for ya guys. Nickel too

Ping me on Facebook Kevin Graehl. If you need anything

Oh yeah. For the community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what are you doing that you’re always ordering so much stuff? are you selling completes? parts shop? breaking things at exorbitantly high rates? I’m curious.