DEVAGA X or Metr Pro? What's the difference...

Hey esk8 veterans,

Im a noob thats head deep and I’m looking to get a Devaga or a metr pro. They look like they do the same thing except one is mounted in your board.

Anyone able to share their preference or whats the advantage with one over the other?

Do I have it wrong and there’s a perk in having both?

Thanks guys!

they are very different
the davega x is a telemetry display that sits on the front of your board
the metr pro is a bluetooth module and telemetry logging device

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They’re both telemetry devices that work with VESC based controllers, but that’s where the similarities end.

Davega is for seeing realtime metrics so that you always know what your battery, speed, range, temperatures are at. It also alerts you if a fault happens. And I guess you can use it as an odometer to measure how long your ride was / the lifespan of your parts.

Metr on the other hand is a fancy bluetooth dongle for your ESC. It allows you to connect to your board from your phone, so that you can change settings, see realtime metrics (very cool if you have a smartwatch), and record those metrics to your phone, so that you have a recording at the end of your ride for seeing what different values were at what time. Your phone can also record GPS, so you get a cool map with your route traced, which you can then share around.

Regular Metr Pro requires your phone to be with you and connected to record the data. There is a version with an SD card that logs the data on there, and then you can sync it to your phone.

Now technically you could mount your phone as a display to your board to see realtime metr metrics just like a davega could, but if you have an expensive phone that might not be the best idea :sweat_smile:

A lot of people use both to be honest.

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One popular alternative is to mount a cheap phone to your board so you can just use metr like Davega

Though there’s some overlap in the functionality, they are quite a bit different and they complement each other nicely. They also play together. If you have the Metr Pro CAN, you can configure the DAVEGA using the Metr app or you can get current time displayed on the DAVEGA that’s retrieved from the Metr (DAVEGA doesn’t have its own RTC).

That said, it’s best to have both. I do. :slight_smile:

One annoyance with using a mobile phone in place of the DAVEGA is that it won’t turn on/off automatically and you need to recharge the battery.


What I’ve seen is since it’s mounted, people will also have a 5v line to a usb for the phone to stay powered and on. The mounted phone doesn’t even need a battery in it.

Just anecdotal though, I personally don’t need a display.

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