Desperate. Hall sensors/ VESC disconnect

Went to set up my new flipsky 63100 motors. When trying to set one of them up, it disconnects vesc, but only when hall sensor of that motor is connected.

Suggestions? Im leaving for the beach on Saturday and really want to bring my board.

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hmm would be a cool solution to throw an encoder on them

Switch the motors. Does it still happen on the same side?

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Is it a Flipsky brand ESC?

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I did this. One motor works on both sides. The other doesn’t work on either.

No its a stormcore 60d+. flipsky escs are a no no

Sounds like it’s likely a motor sensor assembly problem, a motor wiring problem, or a connector problem on the motor sensor cable.

Just don’t plug that sensor in and run it sensorless or HFI would be the fastest solution, since you mentioned that speed of fixing is weighted heavily in your dilemma rectification.

If it wasn’t, I would start troubleshooting that, measure the 5V and Gnd pins to see if they have conductivity, and maybe open the motor and fix the sensor board if needed.

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Yeah I was thinking about doing the HFI thing again if I can actually get the values to graph.

How might I actually go about diagnosing the sensor? I’m getting readings but there is obviously something weird going on.

Power the sensor board with an external 5V and slowly rotate the motor. Does it kill the 5V or short out the supply? Did a sensor blow up and smoke when you did that? That’s where I would start after checking continuities.

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Well every time I go to do motor setup, it starts for about half a second and then cuts connection to ESC, so I’m assuming it’s a short with the sensor. How would I actually repair sensor pcb?

I am referring to testing it with no ESC connected.

The first step to repair most things is to find the problem. So, you probably need to do that. It may be challenging to repair. If your time is valuable, consider a new motor.

I already took the motor apart.

I have no problem committing the time to fixing the sensor. I’m just kind of at a loss as to how to diagnose it.

Check if anything is shorting 5V and Gnd. Rotate the motor while checking. Then,

How do I check if it is shorting?

Maybe I’ll try BLDC for once. Any way to get non-cogging starts without pushing?

I’ve considered that. But mounting would be interesting

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Use a multimeter without power applied to the sensor assembly