Deposit now taken

Custom Built Trampa Carver Board
Located Bristol/UK

Looking at selling my custom Trampa Build
Has roughly 25 -28 charges
Dry road use only
Custom Samsung 30Q 12s4p battery build by Lee Rad in a eboosted under deck enclosure.

Trampa 160kv motors
Duel Vesc 6 mk3’s
Latest Mk3 motormounts etc , etc

All parts are like new ,no scratches ,chips or scuff marks .
Pm for full spec
£1800 plus shipping but collection preferred from Bristol.


you need to reupload the pics.


What a steal. Would buy in a heartbeat if I was in the UK.


Wow that thing looks incredible glws

Could i get range and speed please?

Theres an elephant in the room lol

Range is around 15-16 miles with urban treads or around 18-20 with my TB110’s . I live in a area with a few good hills
Speed wise well it can vary depending on what gearing u use but with the 15/62 and urban treads I get 30mph and plenty of torque . With the thane at 15/40 I get 32plus and great torque . But don’t ride much above 20-25 in the city .

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