Definitive instructions on programming Stormcore 60D+

Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone has a definitive guide for programming the Stormcore 60D+?

I have watched the tutorials by mBoards and some other guides like the video from Pavel Garmas. They guides are mostly good, but they always leave a few questions unanswered.

For example, The stormcore 60D+ has only 1 USB port. However, all the tutorials I have found imply that there are 2 USB ports, and instruct you to disconnect your USB cable from USB port 1 after updating the firmware on the first side, and then instruct you to attach the USB cable to USB port 2 to update the other side of the VESC.

The issue here is that, as mentioned, there is only 1 USB port on the stormcore 60D+, so I’m just not sure how I would go about that.

The other concern I have relates to setting current limits, which is vital to program correctly. I am running a dual motor setup, but I do not know what number to plug in to the VESC tool in relation to my setup.

I want both motors to get 25A each, which would make the total current going to both motors 50A.

However, I do not know if I should plug in 25A or 50A. See the attached picture so that what I am asking makes more sense.

please ignore the values already on the screenshot, as I have not connected everything together yet.


Stormcores have integrated can bus which link both sides
On the bottom left of your screenshot you will see each side
The values you’ll enter are for ONE side
In other words, you do the setup, save it to one side, then switch of side by clicking on the bottom left, then do the exact same setup
Hope that was clear


LMAO I’ve always been modifying just ONE SIDE on my Stormcore !!! WHAT THE

I thought it syncs automatically :smiley:

THANK YOU @WayneTheWaffle for posing this question!!

main side: bat current max 75A, motor 115
other: bat current max 30A, motor 73.69 :joy:

edit: oh my god the thing flies now


pretty sure I had updated to 5.3 on only 1 of the sides, which caused some unintentional random braking which sent me flying. The update ‘ALL’ button has to be more clear and not so tiny and hidden, my unexpected launch could have been completely avoided

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