Default bkb duo settings help

Hey guys,

I was playing around with the unity Ui app for my vesc(stock bkb duo) and changed some settings, forgot to take note of the defaults. Does anyone know the default settings for the “Max battery discharge current” and "Max breaking regen current "? It’s a 10s3p battery with 30q cells.

I’m not sure if these values should be halves or not (being a duo motor set-up and all)

Also, just checking that the Max motor current and Max brake current are pretty much auto detected, with breaks reduced for my own comfort.

Thanks for your help in advance, I don’t
want to fry anything. Below are my best guess at the settings.

braking regen is basically ur high speed brakes past 20+ mph so u can set it to 12 for now as a good starting platform and that should give u plenty of stopping power. ur max battery current limit should only be a max of 20 amps so the unity firmware will set each side of the vesc to 20amps bat current limit on ur xenith. I hate the shit focbox unity firmware cause its not as in depth as vesc tool.

so again Battery current limit/discharge: 20amps
Battery regen:-12amps

And u can choose to up ur motor current to 80 amps since the xenith can handle it no problem and that will vastly improve ur low speed acceleration and hill climbing capability.

Also generally i usually set motor current brake to be the same as motor current so u will have a linear and smooth braking curve when goin from accelerating to braking.

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Sweet, cheers man. Would you recommend I just reprogram it with the vesc tool instead?

Also, I thought the regen is the amps going back into the battery? Which is why it had to be within the Max charger current? Sorry kinda new to the whole vesc situation.

i mean its up to u like i said imo vesc tool is alot better then unity fw and its tool but u will lose roll to start if u care about that gimmick. I have 2 xeniths running fw 5.1 for 4wd Diy and they have been amazingly good to me.

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yes but it also doubles as ur high speed brakes as well it is a bit confusing but generally always look at ur bat limit as ur high speed brakes because thats wat they mainly effect while riding.

I’ll give those settings a go and update my xenith firmware. Cheer mate