Deck with no flex

I’m looking to get a new deck for my board. The current on flexes too much and causes the battery enclosure to pop off because it isn’t flexible. I’m looking for recommendations for decks with no flex and preferably under $100 I don’t really care about what the brand is.


A skateshred deck and a pile of fiberglass and epoxy


probably the stiffest deck I have encountered was made by Honey. Its the one on the right. Its like 3/4" thick, like 10 or 12 plys, and heavy. Freaky lack of flex. Like call your doctor after 4 hours stiff.


Any of the 9-ply decks from skateshred are pretty stiff even w/o reinforcement.

What enclosure are you putting on it? Do you have a preferred deck shape?


Deck shape doesn’t matter I made the enclosure my self. I’m probably Going to try and reenforce the deck with fiberglass


Why not reinforce your current deck that fits the enclosure?


I picked up an aluminum deck – very little flex. working well for my purposes:

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hi5ber carbon fiber decks. ZERO flex, expensive and effs up your ankles

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How about @longhairedboy Witchblade? She seems kinda stiff deck, no?

@davidbonde is bringing a new huge 118cms long 29,5cms wide race deck with three plies (10, 11 and 12) that is also pretty stiff

Redember has some stiff models too.


I actually have a witchblade deck with the new enclosure mounted, drop through cutout for 3D Servisas adjustable baseplates which are on it. It’s sitting on the rack waiting for something to happen, but i’ll sell it as pictured if interested. Those are 95A riptide bushings.


The Raptor 2 deck is stiff as a board, but still manages to be pretty comfortable, plus it has a functional kicktail. Ive got one for sale currently, brand new condition.

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I wanted a stiff deck too form my build and I bought a Fibretec downhill deck entirely made out of wood, pretty fucking stiff very good for high speed turns and slides. 90% of downhill decks are very stiff so look for thoseUploading: 2E225C7F-4343-442D-87EF-2CAB6385F685.jpeg… Uploading: 81DB4582-8CD8-49F8-A06C-CB3799ED5834.jpeg… Uploading: 1CA81DF0-1E50-4827-807E-9C5ADEB3FEF9.jpeg…

What about the Rayne Demonseed series?

There you go @Esk8god1 :point_up_2:

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How much are you selling it for?

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$500 shipped. Includes deck, enclosure which is already drilled and mounted, hardware, and adjustable base plates bolted on.

all you have to do is cut holes for your stuff (phase leads, buttons, whatever)


What a monster. That deck looks like it could support over 300lbs.

it was designed to not flex. 9 ply hard rock maple and my own concave design. I’ve had 300 pound riders on my decks before but not this particular cutout. I’d probably say 250 tops on this one just to be safe. I’m 170 and i beat the shit out of mine.

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