Deck Frit Question - HELP

Guys I hope I put this in the right category but basically I’m building up a 16s with a Kaly deck that was given to me. They did a sloppy job with the frit and am trying to fix.

  1. Can I even remove frit? If so how?

  2. if I did a light spray paint coat (black) to get rid of the white sparkles, would that work?

  3. Any suggestions on how to make this look better? I am posting a pic of the Kaly and my goal for the look.

Flap disk, heavy-duty mask, goggles, time, redo epoxy coating


Got it from Boney Boards?

Yes you can spray paint it black, but it will go back to being sparkly when you wear through the paint

Best bet would be to use black dyed epoxy over it to make it a flat color, or take an angle grinder and sand through the epoxy and glass until you get to the surface of the CF (or at least through enough epoxy and glass that it’s flat) and lay new epoxy and frit down (or a thin layer of epoxy to level it, and grip tape)

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I’d use an orbital sander to sand it down in the easiest way possible while also keeping the surface as level as possible before redoing the top. Probably want to use some form of respirator to protect your lungs. It may take longer than an angle grinder but at least your life and limbs won’t be at risk unless you intentionally try and injure yourself when using it

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Definitely makes short work of it but super easy to gouge.

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Not sure where my buddy got the deck. Most likely from Ernesto. Thanks for the tips!

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Zach, how do you recommend applying the black dyed epoxy evenly? Got any links on where to get?

Can I spray apply?

No links, I’ve never personally done it

You will probably get the best results by getting some UV resistant epoxy and adding black dye powder (should be more opaque than ink dye) and painting it with a brush layer by layer

I don’t think you can spray it on, it’s much too viscous and will destroy the sprayer

Also full of nasty stuff, so spraying isn’t recommended.


Search for mica powder for soapmaking or cosmetic manufacture. That can be added to epoxy resin to color it.


You can also get liquid pigments which i have found to be quite supreme for opaque tinting


Or just buy resin pigment

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They’re often the same product, there are more search results for those words though. IDK, YMMV

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citrus paint stripper. be fast though.

If you want an easy way to have level epoxy, use some tabletop/ counter top epoxy. Just make sure to put a tarp or garbage bags under everything since it will drip off a ton of extra.

A cheaper way to color epoxy is to just grind down charcoal from an art store. The cheap vine charcoal will work well enough. If you don’t add enough it can be transparent in some areas but that is true of any powder pigment that isn’t mixed in well enough. You can also just use india ink which should also be pretty cheap.

Personally, I’m adding both in since my container of charcoal powder also has aluminium dust in it from when I sanded down hangers for painting. It is just to add a tiny bit of sparkle and a little extra strength.

Thank you both!