Decided to go with a Icarus deck

I’ve been debating which deck by Loaded I wanted to use for my DIY build. I wanted to avoid the Vanguard because my Boosted has that deck and I also wanted to avoid the motherboard because of its negative reviews (for the most part). After asking around I narrowed it down to the Icarus and the Tan-Tien

At the end of the day I’ve chosen the Icarus due to most of the comments being pretty positive towards the board in general and casings etc available for the board. That being said did I make the right decision? :slight_smile:


glad you finally decided. It’s a sexy deck but nearly all of the loaded boards are! my pick will always be the tesseract… but which one!?


I own Icarus, both basalt and normal Tesseract and Kut-thaka. Icarus was my first deck and I loved it very much. But now, after many kilometres of experience, I prefer stiffer deck for higher speeds.

Tesseract is stiff and stable, but it won’t go with pneumatics like Icarus does. Actually, you can put wide trucks and pneumatics on tesseract, but I don’t dig the look. @Darklinks did it:

Basically, your deck choice depends mostly about how you want to ride. If you like higher speeds go with stiffer board, and if you like pneumatics or cruising on lower speed, I would say go for flexy deck.



I was going to originally do my build with my tan tien, but after deciding to go with a bigger battery and bigger motors, I switched over to the LY Evo.

How are you building your battery? Besides wanting a stiffer deck for higher speeds, if you are building a big flat pack (12s4p for example) if you don’t build it AND the enclosure right, the first big flex on that deck you are going to be hearing a lot of cracking!!

You would have to either build a flexible battery and a segmented enclosure, similar to what people are making for mtb and street carvers on a deck like kalys, or build it smaller with the battery on one side and vesc and everything else on the other (like the boosted)

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that @Darklinks tesseract is awesome!


yep, flexible enclosure and battery is must. maybe you could do it in two separated smaller enclosures, one for smaller battery like 10s3p or 12s3p double stacked and another for vesc.
this is how I did mine:

glass fibre enclosure with silicone between comparements for flexibility. battery is fully flexible 12s4p with wires for series connections.


You got any pics of the battery/build?

Thats a sick looking enclosure!

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thanks! but if you see it from close up, surface is not smooth. I was to lazy to sand it down, but I will do it eventually.
here is battery (it was my first battery so it doesn’t look so tidy, but everything is made by the battery building standards-except crossed balance wires in one small segment):


I was hoping to do segmented/rows for the battery pack. I’ll for sure take everything you mentioned into consideration and keep you posted.

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We got some great battery builders on here with us. Rely on them and their experiences and you won’t go wrong.

@taz had just posted some pics of a battery build he did with the silicone wire.

@DerelictRobot builds street carvers with segmented batteries in his sleep

@Sender just built a MASSIVE battery for a la croix.

There is so much experience here! And they are all willing and happy to help!

One other thing: if one of these experienced people give you advice or warn you about something wrong, and you do the exact opposite…people will stop wanting to help you. They will help point out any danger points and failure scenarios so pay attention!


@sender is also troubleshooting some slight cell imbalance issues. So fuck that dude.


@Sender can call me again today if he needs emotional support.

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I will in like 10 minutes. I think this BMS isn’t doing shit and not actually bleeding off the higher cells. Thus, not actually float charging shit.

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You can add @RedBaron to that list. He’s my personal go to for battery building projects and advice


I use too have a tan tien build. The specs were dual 6355 190kv 10s4p dual 4.12 vesc. The board was decent. The only thing I could say i kinda disliked was the flex since I like too ride aggressively lol but for a cruiser board its dope

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