Dead battery on meepo NLS PRO

Meepo NLS PRO. about 1000 hard ridden miles on it. Charge reads at 100% when plugged in, and turns on/works perfectly normal. But when I unplug the charger, it shuts off and charge screen goes blank.
There is a small pop noise when I plug the charger in, which has never happened before.

Considering it works normally when charger is connected, I assume it’s the battery. I just want to confirm before buying a new one.

One odd thing is that a few days before it died, the power ring light around the power button went out. I had another button from when I replaced the ESC last summer, so I put that one on and it doesn’t light up either, though both buttons turn the board on and off normally when the charger is connected. I just found it odd that the light doesn’t work on either.

That and the pop noise is the only thing making me think there is even the possibility of it being something besides a dead battery.

The battery had been a bit off for about a month now. It would die still showing 50% battery left. The night before it died, the screen would flicker and jump around from 14% to 90% to 60% etc. when plugged in. I opened up the battery casing and checked connections. The connection to the battery had a bit of corrosion and two of the four prongs on the negative side had broken off. So I soldered a new battery connector on the main wire. So, to repeat myself, The screen no longer flickers and reads 100% when plugged it, but goes blank when unplugged. It turns on and runs perfect when plugged in, but I forgot to mention that it jumps around a little when I hit the throttle. I’ll full throttle it and it’ll drop to 90%, then as soon as I let off the throttle it goes back to 100%.

Battery voltage reads at 34 volts on my voltage meter. Not sure what that means honestly. Anyway, poorly worded but hopefully you get the picture. Any help appreciated.

Your battery is dead. The board only works when plugged in because the charge port and discharge plug share the same connection to the bms.

You need to get a new battery. No way around it, sorry bro.


Could also be a combination of dead p-groups and a dead BMS, as he said there was corrosion involved. If you want to know for sure @Tylemck you have to disassemble the pack and probe the individual groups on your pack.

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