[DE/EU] bergmeister tires + tubes

I want to get rid of my 5 bergmeister tires. I have 6 working tubes plus 3 punctured ones that can easily be repaired with bike wheel fixing stuff.

Price: 40€ plus shipping


Dibbing for @Athrx
I think you were the one who wanted them? (Tubes)


Got 2 spares and i will retire them as soon as possible within this month. Thanks though!


Hey, im interested, sending you a pm

Do these fit trampa hubs?

are these still available?

Waiting for payment right now, they’re almost gone.

thats a pity, al my tires have holes in them

I started using 6x2 Klever tires, shipping was quite fast when I ordered on aliexpress.

yeah i had 6 inch innner tubes but those are a bit to big
i found some 5 inch tires on a wheelchair shop